Triple CD compiled and mixed by David Phillips / PBR Streetgang

Released 4 August on Seamless Recordings



With less than a week to go, the countdown is truly on until the BHS’ very first compilation CD, aptly titled the ‘Boutique Hostal Salinas Ibiza Summer Sessions’ out on the Seamless Recordings label, hits the streets on 4th August.

The three discs of awesomeness, lovingly put together by BHS co-owner and Ibiza resident DJ, David Phillips with a helping hand from PBR Streetgang (aka the very versatile DJ duo Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe- fans, friends and fixtures of the Boutique Hostal Salinas) is a clever combo of down tempo, nu disco and deep house and features tracks from the likes of Goldfrapp, DFA, Pyschemagik, Nancy Wang, Bonar Bradberry, PBR Streetgang, Art of Tones, John Talabot, Prins Thomas and Ewan Pearson.

Aforementioned Phillips, who has also been a We Love…Space DJ for the last 10 years, is grinning with glee at the long awaited arrival of the 3CD saying, “For years and years I’ve seen compilation after compilation come out and wondered why the hell we never brought out our own. Here’s what we hope to be the first of many!”


Responsible for CDs 1&2, Phillips is a master of crossing genres and has never been tagged as a house-only DJ, so his desire to produce a compilation that was both upbeat and danceable without being restricted to house was understandable.

‘Sometimes, I feel like people think that there’s just 2 kinds of Ibiza compilation, either a 4/4 mix or some sort of soundtrack to listen to lying on your back on the beach. I’d like to fill in the gaps there”.

For CD1 then, expect echoes of the BHS’ Lo Cura Lounge daytime vibe with West Coast rock, Weatherall-esque dub techno, 80’s Italo-disco and indefinable indie gems all playing their part. Think lazy afternoons filled with much cherished, lovingly selected and perfectly delivered music.

On CD2 David Phillips presents the sound of Lo Cura Lounge by night, describing it as a chance to ‘get your boogie on’. It represents years of a misspent youth and endless hours spent dancing to the great DJ’s who have passed through the Boutique Hostal Salinas and the Lo Cura Bar, influencing the very essence of both locations.

CD3 is the sound of two guys at the top of their game playing with soul, funk and copious amounts of know-how. We’re talking about the duo that is PBR Streetgang aka Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, a pair who have released on critically acclaimed labels such as 2020 Vision, Future Boogie, Hot Creations, and Southern Fried Records.

On account of all of the above, it just wouldn’t be right, in the eyes of the Boutique Hostal Salinas Three (Phillips plus partners Duesi Wolfmeir and Anita Dey) not to commemorate such an occasion. To that end, this Sunday 3rd August and the BHS gang shall seize the day and raise glasses to their brand new musical baby, cranking up the volume whilst they do so. Join them from 6pm till, no doubt, very, very late to hear their Ibiza Summer Sessions sound out across Salinas and be in with a chance to take home your copy. Joining Phillips behind the decks, another stalwart of the BHS, Ms. Daisy Heartbreaker plus a very special guest TBA. All things considered, this is one little Lo Cura Lounge get together that really should not be missed.





‘Boutique Hostal Salinas: Ibiza Summer Sessions’ Tracklist:

CD1 Compiled and Mixed by David Phillips

  1. Luca C & Brigante (Original Mix)         The Beach
  2. Time & Space (Machine Remix)             Valley Of Paradise
  3. Coyote                                                             Last Waltz
  4. George Levin                                                 Runaway
  5. Escape From New York                              Flypsson & Ulysses
  6. Out Cold (Ewan Pearson Dub Remix)   All I Want
  7. Max Berlin                                                     Elle Et Moi
  8. Coyote                                                              Mammy Blue
  9. The Asphodells                                             Late Flowering Lust (Phil Kieran Remix)
  10. Lucas Baldini                                                 Hooked (Crimea X Remix)
  11. Shit Robot                                                       Take Em Up (John Talabot Remix)
  12. Kasper Bjorke                                                Heaven (Prins Thomas Mix)


CD2 Lo Cura Lounge Mix Compiled and Mixed By David Phillips

  1. The London Heavy Disco Revue       The Balloon Reprise
  2. Featurecast, John Turrell                   Ain’t My Style (Psychemagik Remix)
  3. KZA                                                           Unfaithful (Fernando Remix Version 2)
  4. YACHT                                                     Utopia (The Miracles Club Remix)
  5. WOOLFY                                                 Junior’s Throwin Craze (Eric Duncan Aka Dr Dunks Bar Club Mix)
  6. Black Van                                                 Moments Of Excellence
  7. Shit Robot                                                 Feels Real (Extended Dance Version)
  8. Midnight Magic                                      Drop Me A Line
  9. Goldfrapp                                                  Slide In (Dfa Short Edit)
  10. Villagers                                                    The Waves (Psychemagik Remix)
  11. YACHT                                                       Shangri-La (Psychemagik Remix)
  12. The Shortwave Set                                   Now Til ’69 (Aeroplane Remix)
  13. Ilija Rudman                                            Time And Time (Original)
  14. Moon Unit                                                 Connections (Ewan Pearson’s Slo-NRG Remix)
  15. Surahn                                                        Watching The World (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)


CD3 Compiled and Mixed By PBR Streetgang

  1. Fernando                                                   Sunset Trip
  2. Andre Bratten                                           Be The Man You Ant 2
  3. Nancy Wang & Bonar Bradberry         Working The Midnight Shift
  4. Death On The Balcony                           Heart For Rent (Daniel Solar Mix)
  5. Dorsia                                                         Ghana (HNNY)
  6. Art Of Tones                                              Take Me Higher
  7. Felix Dickinson                                        Burning Flame (Hackman Remix)
  8. Soldiers Of Twilight                                 Believe (PBR Streetgang Mix)
  9. Discreet Unit                                              Shake Your Body Down
  10. PBR Streetgang                                         Achilles (Iron Galaxy Remix)
  11. Few Nolder X Kurak                                My Senses (Kurak DJ Tool)
  12. Charlotte OC                                              Colour My Heart (PBR Streetgang Mix )


The CD will also be available to download online but meanwhile, here’s a taster of what’s in store:

Preview now

Pre-order on


Find us on Trip Advisor:


For more information on all things Boutique Hostal Salinas related including restaurant reservations and room rates as well as the full events calendar, contact:

Tel: +34 971 30 88 99




For all press enquiries, please contact:

Jillian Canney










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BHS Logo_crop






With the invisible finishing line in sight, one might be inclined to think things were winding down at the Boutique Hostal Salinas and its various spin off hot spots. Not so – in fact, the Salinas Trio seem to have no intentions of calling it a day or a night with plans already being put into place for the winter months.

Before that, though, lets look at what’s coming up in what’s left of September…





With last night’s Lo Cura Lounge hootenanny fresh in our minds (like, VERY fresh…),  and with it being the penultimate party of what has been a tremendously successful summer in El Salon for the Lo Cura Lounge crew, it’s fair to say DJs Jon Woodall, Daisy Heartbreaker, Brian Beezwax, David Phlllips and Stray Kitten gave it their all for MEXICO DAY- and for better or for worse, those kind bods behind Ibiza’s newest watering hole- La Mezcaleria- pulled the stops out to make sure that all manner of tequila and tings were freely flowing… Like we needed encouragement… 

So, just the one more to go then and that’s for the We Love… Closing Party on 29 Sept,  when Lo Cura Lounge will be welcoming Simon Rigg, owner of Phonica Records (world renowned record shop of God-like status in Soho), a place frequented by every smokin’ hot name in the business ever- plus J.G. Wilkes, one half of Optimo, the legendary Glaswegian DJ duo whose style runs along a Andrew Wetherall, Ivan Smagghe, Trevor Jackson type of vibe. These dudes are the ultimate experts in tracing the lineage between 80’s New Wave, Punk, Rockabilly, Dub, Disco, Techno, Indie, Film Noir and the list goes on….

David Phillips, Captain of the Lo Cura Lounge Crew, sums it up nicely:

“I cannot f*cking wait!”


Meanwhile, back at the Boutique Hostal Salinas:


19 + 26 SEPT

We say Très Bien to Bruno From Ibiza, Angel Cielo and Julien Tax who have waved their Sunshine People flag proudly at the Boutique Hostal Salinas over the summer months. With only two more fêtes a la Francaise before they bid us à bientôt and skip off into the Salinas Sunset, we plan to eat, drink and be merry- BBQ + Cocktails+ Dancing. In that order.




If there was ever an ideal location for a Sunday Night Market, it is surely the Boutique Hostal Salinas. ‘Once Upon a Time’ takes place bi-monthly in and around the grounds of the BHS, combining vintage fashion with contemporary hand made pieces, colourful kaftans and kooky headwear plus much, much more- a little fashionlandia run by a trio of Italianas who know a good thing when they see it.

The Bad News- Sunday 22 Sept sees the last gathering of the Once Upon a Timers for this summer.

The Good News- We can confirm that the Sunday Market will continue through the winter months! More details as we get them!




31 OCT

Boutique Hostal Salinas has earned itself a bit of a worthy reputation over the last couple of years as being one of the unmissable pit stops on the island’s Halloween Route. Whilst details are invariably sketchy at this point, rest assured the stops will be pulled out to pull up a hairy monster of a celebration of the dead and the back from the dead.



For those of you who still haven’t sampled the culinary delights on offer at Restaurant Hostal Salinas, those kind people behind the operation- David Phillips, Duesi Wolfmeir and Anita Dey not to mention Chef Dani Gastalver- have a little end-of-season offer for the foodies amongst you. Two, actually.

1)    Free bottle of our house wine with your meal when you whisper the magic words KILL BILL

2)    Residents! Get 30% of your total restaurant bill when you whisper the magic words KILL JILL

LO cura logo


The bar that brought us all together- Bar Lo Cura, run by the same BHS crew, continues to open Mon-Sat from 11-3/3.30 with weekly guests Karlos Sense (Thurs), Daisy Heartbreaker(Fri) and Ian Blevins(Sat) keeping things nicely ticking over in between times.


Useful Links;

BHS on TripAdvisor:



For more info/press requests/hi res images, contact:

Jillian Canney FIX IBIZA

M: +34 645909098

Twitter: @FIXIBIZA

Facebook: Fixibiza


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logo antiguo bhs





(FIX/IBIZA/19 AUG 2013)

As Ibiza hot spots go, BOUTIQUE HOSTAL SALINAS is certainly proving to be a top contender here on the island of crazy dreams this summer. The 12 room hotel, only metres away from the shores of the world famous Salinas Beach, having raised its own bar even more this season, has proved itself on the Ibiza map as not only as an excellent choice for an idyllic holiday getaway, private party location and also as a highly successful restaurant in its own right. And that’s before we even mention the events programme….

So, lets do this in parts- we promise not to hold you back too much…


Once Upon a Time: Sunday Market

25 August
8 + 22 September

Inline images 1

Surely the surprise star of the BHS summer, the bi-monthly Sunday Market which goes under the name of ‘Once Upon a Time’ has gone from strength to strength over the last weeks, fast becoming the coolest night market on the island of Ibiza.

Organised by trio of Italianas Daniela Natale, Luana Biondi and Rouge Le Dangerouge, all familiar faces on the Ibiza scene, Once Upon a Time is the new market of choice round these parts, perhaps because it turns the regular notion of ‘market’ right on its head, presenting instead an absolute melting pot of creativity- a mixture of young designers, vintage vendors, street artists, theatrical performers, illustrators, DJs and Ibiza’s coolest hepcats, all milling around the grounds of the BHS and creating an Ibiza shopping experience with a major difference.

Starting at 6pm on its respective Sundays, the Boutique Hostal Salinas undergoes a time-travelling transformation that every vintage lover worth her salt would surely die with her leg in the air to attend. This is what we like to refer to as a real mooching opportunity- quality stalls of all shapes and sizes, price ranges to match, all sprawled across the grounds of Salinas’ cutest hotel and we jest you not; for those with an eye for this kind of thing, you just got lucky.

Providing the Shopping Soundtrack, DJ Daisy Heartbreaker is on hand playing a selection of her finest vintage vinyls- tunes from the past and the present to help ease you into shopping mode. To build up your strength for the mahoosive task in hand, grab a freshly made fajita along the way or do it in style and ask for the A la Carte Menu before you dive into vintage heaven.




Sunshine People

Every Thursday at Lo Cura Lounge at BHS

15, 22, 29 August
5, 12, 19, 26 September

Bruno from Ibiza is a DJ who barely needs an introduction round these parts. As former resident DJ at the world famous Café del Mar back in its wey-hey-hey-day, Bruno went on to make a definitive mark on the musical history of Ibiza and has been a constant fixture on its scene ever since, taking his skills worldwide and representing the real essence of the island with every step of his musical journey, Back to the present and its our pleasure to present Bruno, his sound and his style at the Boutique Hostal Salinas, who together with Angel Cielo and Julien Tax stepping up to complete the DJ trio every Thursday from 6pm, presents a soundtrack that clearly evokes feelings of the authentic Ibiza keeping a very enthusiastic crowd entertained till the wee small hours.

To curb those hunger pangs, follow the smell to the BBQ area where Sunshine People can grab a meat feast for a special price of 15€



4 Sept 2013

They’re back! One of our favourite musical duos has returned to the island for even more fun, this time throwing their very own bash at the BHS on 4 Sept from 4pm till the last man falls. Roping in DJ Callum (DJ, producer, head of House of De Bango, Messalina, Par-Tay, Cellophane, Space Truckin’, Wildlife. Resident at We Love…Space Ibiza, Carl Cox @ Spaceto give them a hand, Amp & Deck (aka Kev Macey + Joe Lye + Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets)) fully intend to milk the fact that this is their last appearance in Ibiza this summer, to which end, anything could happen and probably will. Expect a healthy dose of absolute awesomeness there for the taking. Plug yourself in, why don’t you?

Kev and Joe Lye swung by Boutique Hostel Salinas to play sets in July of this year, having previously warmed up for island ledge, Alfredo. Fresh from their second set of the year for Lo Cura Lounge at ‘WE LOVE’ SPACE on Sundays the boys wanted to throw a more chilled “Balearic” (if you will!) party on the Island.

FREE Entry


The POOL London Artist Agency

24 August

“The Pool is home to a rich and diverse collection of DJs and Live Acts. Our group of artists are recognised and respected the world over. Resolute tastemakers and pioneers within their fields, as well as fantastic entertainers.”

In a one off special, Boutique Hostal Salinas are proud as punch to play host to The Pool Agency and their chosen representatives on Saturday 24 August. Starting from 5pm, Pool DJs Matty J and Ben Terry will be joined by KENNETH BAGER (Music for Dreams), SEAN BROSNAN (Needwant/Futuredisco), JAIME FIORITO (Heritage Project) and BIG.L (We Love) for what is shaping up to be a very valid excuse to get your freak on. In keeping with the theme, guests are encouraged to bring their bathing suits for a dip in the Boutique Hostal Salinas actual pool.


30 Aug, 8pm

Originally from Dusseldorf, photographer Frank Weyrauther (Phrank) is a very familiar face on the Ibiza scene, having worked his magic here since the 90s and providing a very visual and accurate image of what Ibiza is all about. In particular, he is renowned on the club scene, working over the years for surely, some of the most reputable promoters and clubs on the island- amongst them Manumission, Cocoon, We Love, Amnesia, Space, Privilege.

And now, it’s time for Phrank to show us some some of the thousands of images he has in his hard drive. Coinciding with his birthday celebrations, the Vernissage of Phrank’s exhibition takes place on 30 Aug with canapés, cocktails and vinyl only sessions from Alfredo and Jaime Fiorito, with more surprises yet to be announced.


Word continues to spread across the island that the BHS Restaurant is well worth a visit, with chef Dani Gastalver wowing diners with his A la Carte Menu on a daily basis. Amongst guests recently spotted in the restaurant, Strictly Come Dancing’s Jason Gardiner who, we are reliably informed cleaned his plate and then some. Enigma’s Michael Cretu, Germany’s biggest female pop star, Sandra plus the best part of the electronic music industry massive are all also big fans of the BHS Restaurant.

BHS Restaurant opens daily from 2.30pm-11pm with a Daily Menu as well as the A la Carte Menu.

For Reservations, call: 971 30 88 99

…and over at Lo Cura…

Inline images 2

When they are not running the Boutique Hostal Salinas, David Phillips, Duesi Wolfmeir and Anita Dey keep themselves amused with their sister project- Bar Lo Cura in Ibiza Port and its spin off- Lo Cura Lounge, which pops up at We Love…Space every other Sunday.

Lo Cura Lounge sees a hardy bunch of local music-loving chums bandy together to give it all they’ve got, bringing with them the spirit of their favourite watering hole, Bar Lo Cura, in rather large doses…And so far, so good- pretty fair to say it’s been going right off in El Salon when this lot get their hands on it. With only two more chances for the island crew to gather together, ain’t no stoppin’ us now at Space…

For the rest, you’ll find the crew in Bar Lo Cura, C/Antoni Mari Ribas, open Mon-Sat, a place where good times are pretty much guaranteed thanks to not only the reasonably priced drinks, the weekly calendar of DJs (including Karlos Sense, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ian Blevins, Leena Sharma) and special summer surprises plus the usual Lo Cura suspects on hand to entertain and of course, the Lo Cura captain, David Phillips, the combination of which makes for a perfect watering hole down old Ibiza Port. See you there…

Coming Up at Lo Cura Lounge at We Love:

1 September Balearic Legends: David Phillips, Alfredo, Amp & Deck, Jon SaTrincha,

15 September: Closing of Lo Cura Lounge! David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Jon Woodall, Stray Kitten, Brian Beezwax


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LO CURA LOUNGE inaugura su residencia quincenal en WE LOVE (Space) / Más fechas en BOUTIQUE HOSTAL SALINAS



De la mano de los propietarios del Hostal Boutique Salinas y Lo Cura bar, algunas fechas para la agenda de las próximas semanas en Ibiza… 

Inauguramos Lo Cura Lounge en We Love -El Salón de Space; continuamos con música de décadas pasadas con JitterBug y el regreso a Ibiza de Phat Phil Cooper con sus selectas sesionesNuNorthern Soul

Además, Once Upon a Time & Trash Tienda harán su aparición por Hostal Boutique Salinas. Encuentra ropa y complementos de segunda mano y a buenos precios mientras disfrutas de la música, los amigos y el entorno de la zona más popular de la isla

Te lo contamos todo, a continuación:


LO CURA LOUNGE ha sabido acoger el carácter gamberro del pequeño bar del puerto, LO CURA, y la personalidad del HOSTAL BOUTIQUE SALINAS, la finca payesa con 11 habitaciones detrás de la playa más famosa de la isla.

Fue precisamente en esta ubicación donde sus propietarios Düsi Wolfmeir, David Phillips y Anita Dey concibieron LO CURA LOUNGE, una serie de sesiones festivas que además de en el propio hotel, suceden, a todo volumen, y desde el próximo 9 de junio en la noche estrella del calendario estival de Ibiza. Sí, WE LOVE. Los Domingos. Space Ibiza.

El espacio de LO CURA LOUNGE en WE LOVE es El Salón. La habitación más privada de toda la discoteca donde se encuentran los conocidos, los amigos y los que entran nuevos. Como en casa.

Existe en LO CURA LOUNGE un sentimiento simple pero profundo sobre la música. Si mola, se escucha. Disco, Electro, West Coast, Tech House, Hip Hop… De todo y por supuesto todos, bienvenidos.


Encuéntranos quincenalmente, los domingos desde el 9 de junio y hasta el 29 de septiembre en Space Ibiza.

June 09- Opening Matty J, Daisy Heartbreaker, Jon Woodall, David Phillips

June 23 David Phillips, Colin Peters, Jill Canney, Brian Beezwax

July 07 David Phillips, Bones, Will Worrell, Brydie Tong          

July 21 David Phillips, Amp & Deck, Andy Carroll,  Daisy Heartbreaker    

August 04 (Radio Shakedown) David Phillips, Andy Wilson. Jon Woodall, Dicky Trisco        

August 18 (Dub Magazine Special Edition) David Phillips, Hofer 66, Daisy Heartbreaker, John Mool   

September 01 Balearic Legends David Phillips, Alfredo, Amp & Deck, Jon Sa Trincha,       

September 15 David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Jon Woodall, JIll Canney, Brian Beezwax    

29 Septiembre  David Phillips & Friends



Domingo 16 de junio

Twisted Ace & Stray Kitten regresan a una de sus cabinas preferidas para otra apasionante sesión de música de las décadas de los 40, 50 y 60. Rock n Roll, Swing, Jazz, Country… Como atrezzo, Trash Tienda, el proyecto online integrado en Facebook que sale a la calle con un mercadillo de prendas seleccionadas nuevas o semi-nuevas y una gran colección de calzado.


Domingo 30 de junio

Una reinvención de los mercadillos tradicionales para convertirlo en toda una fiesta. Un espacio donde no sólo se vende sino donde además se comparten ideas y propuestas genuinas, con deliciosos cócteles y buena comida. Once Upon a Time arranca en el Hostal Boutique Salinas el próximo domingo 30 de junio.



NuNorthern Soul by Phat Phil Cooper en Hostal Boutique Salinas

Miércoles 3 Julio 2013
15.00 – 20.00 horas

Tras varios años de ausencia en Ibiza, el DJ y responsable del sello NuNorthern Soul, Phat Phil Cooper, regresa para ofrecer en el Hostal Boutique Salinas sesiones musicales perfectas para el arte del relax. Música para comer, beats para disfrutar bajo el sol, para compartir con los amigos. Phat Phil Cooper es siempre un acierto y sus sesiones NuNorthern Soul garantía de éxito.

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-04 a las 13.04.46Captura de pantalla 2013-06-04 a las 13.04.56 Captura de pantalla 2013-06-04 a las 13.05.07

Además, saborea los platos del día con productos frescos y de temporada del chef del Hostal Boutique Salinas en el restaurante del hotel, así como sus copiosos desayunos para empezar con fuerzas los soleados días de verano de Ibiza. Abierto todos los días


Carretera Sa Canal, Km.5, 07817 Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, Ibiza, Spain



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