I’ve said it before and I will no doubt say it again, IT IS ALL CONNECTED.

In the same week that we take on a brand new client,  a lovely, talented and much respected DJ round these parts who happens to go by the name of ANTZ, than I’m only attacked in my own house by a big family of the same. A big family of ants- mammies, daddies, babies…each one of them finding their way from wherever they came from to have a little nibble on me on their merry way.

I’m covered in ANTZ. Literally, here I sit flicking the odd one off my arm and the computer, itchin’ and scratchin’ , whilst putting together the pieces for our PR campaign on the DJ of the very same name, and listening to a great session of his recorded only last week.

How very Ibiza, she exclaimed!

Those of you that know our beloved island well will know that these kind of coincidences are common round Ibiza way, and those of you who really know the place should also therefore be already familiar with one of the island’s institutions- our very own AristoCAT Anthony Bryans. ANTZ.

A man whose stories could fill not just one, but several, books; a dude whose rollercoaster life has had him flung in all directions. A person who has looked death in the face and survived. Our Antz. Most importantly, a stalwart of Music in Ibiza. With residencies in IBIZA ROCKS HOUSE at Pikes with his weekly Sunday event ‘Play it with Ear’ his faithful Friday doos at AURA, plus his guest slots at far too many other private and posh events to mention, he’s got a LOT of fans, this boy, a big huge number of them, and maybe none bigger in status nor stature than King of the international dancefloor, heavyweight and gentleman, CARL COX.

So impressed was the Cox at Antz’ prowess that he asked him to play with him at what has become one of Ibiza’s most essential parties of the summer – Carl’s infamous party at SANDS …a delicious day of seashore and sexy sounds that pulls a crowd of unmatched movers, shakers and party people.

After same session, Carl Cox, asked to comment on his choice of guest DJ was firm in his belief;  “Antz knows his music, works the crowd, plays for the occasion. There is something to be said for us older guys”

Fair do’s- They might be no spring chickens but between the two of them and their joint experience, it’s pretty fair to say that they totally took the roof of the place.

See, that’s kinda what Antz does. His eclectic perfection –a musical A-Z in his head is what makes Antz the one that the dancing massive turn to when it comes to P.A.R.T.Y.T.I.M.E…

Listen for yourself:

See for yourself:

ANTZ @ AURA, every Friday….

Ctra San Juan KM 13.5 | San Llorenç | Ibiza | Spain


Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel,

Camí de Sa Vorera s/n 07820

Sant Antoni

ANTZ (Hormigaz)

Todos aquellos que aman esta isla, la isla de Ibiza, saben que las coincidencias en este lugar tienen más de magia que de casualidad. Una sensación que se repite una y otra vez, por lo que no puedo obviarla. Justo cuando el calor empieza a apretar en casa y me siento invadida por un ejército de laboriosas hormigas llama a la puerta uno de los más respetados DJs de Ibiza. Su nombre artístico, Antz (hormiga). ¡Esto es muy Ibiza!, pienso.

Anthony Bryans es en sí un hombre con muchas páginas por rellenar, con una vida comparable a la de una montaña rusa. Llena de emociones, de adiciones y con una trayectoria professional pura y absoluta en torno a la música. Este verano, sus residencias incluyen ‘Play it with Ear’ cada domingo en el Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel y en el popular Aura de la carretera de San Juan, los viernes.

Antz tiene fans, grandes fans. Fans de la industria, fans reconocidos. Como el rey del techno, como Carl Cox. “Antz conoce su música, se trabaja a su público y pincha especialmente para cada ocasión. Es una lección para nosotros, los mayores”, admitió Cox tras la sesión de nuestro protagonista en la fiesta del DJ inaugurando la temporada de verano de su local de Platja d’en Bossa, Sands.

Compruébalo tú mismo. Si todavía no conoces la perfección musical ecléctica de Antz, en FIX Ibiza te lo ponemos fácil.


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