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Official Opening: Mon 26 Aug 2013 4-8pm


(FIX/Ibiza/Mon 26 Aug 2013):

As we sail into the last week of August, it’s time to take a big, deep breath and draw on the kind of positive energy that makes life all the better.

Cue Heavenly Scent, a brand new Florist & Gift Shop that opens officially today in the village of Jesus,; where else for a shop of such a name and concept?!

Heavenly Scent is a sweet little shop filled with fresh flowers, cute crafts and gorgeous gifts, a little den of positivity with retro signage and angelic messages covering the walls and the smell of lilies enough to put anybody in a good mood. 

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This Monday 26 Aug, from 4-8pm, the shop’s owner Sarah MacHeath invites you to celebrate the official opening of her dream project; pop in for a celebratory cava and ceviche to help you mooch your way around the shop’s wonderful wares. Guaranteed you’re gonna LOVE it, especially if you’re a  lover of all things cutesville like us.

As the weeks go on, we’ll keep you up to date with a variety of activities due to take place at Heavenly Scent- including floristry & craft workshops as well as angel card readings and other very heavenly things-to-do…

We’d love to see you later, earth angels!

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