Daddy’s Girl – the story of Silvana Perré…

silvana at blue marlin

There are certain individuals that one meets on the Ibiza scene that really do stand out. Not just because of, on the first glance, their exceptional beauty, but also, on a closer look, because of their amazing energy. 

Silvana Perré

is one of those people. Beautiful inside and out, she is a well-known face on the island, an undeniable fixture of Ibiza summer time– as dancer cum PR for one of the longest running and most loved Ibiza parties- La Troya.

German by birth, Spanish by right, the daughter of a liberal journalist who spoke ten languages and travelled the world and the sister of NYC’s well-known street artists/twins, How And Nosm, Silvana’s early life could hardly be described as conventional. Brought up in San Sebastian from an early age, schooled at an English College, befriended by the local gypsies, she first visited Ibiza twenty years ago “for a week”.

It didn’t take very long before she succumbed to its magic, coming back every year since then to do what she does best- show La Troya’s best side to the island and the rest of the world through her dual role with the Ibiza party institution.

Back in those early Ibiza days, finding her feet, it wasn’t all fun & games, Silvana says, “I lived in a house in San Mateo that had no water or electricity, I had to shower at the gym and get dressed in the changing rooms at Pacha, ready to work as a dancer”.

By her own admittance, Silvana is clearly a chameleon both in her professional life as model, actress and dancer as well as in her personal style. “I like the whole pin up thing and I’ve always been a fan of the fashion from the 40s & 50s. I like the classic actresses- Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, movies with Rock Hudson and my favourite, Marilyn Monroe…but I’m also a bit of a rocker as well as having some hippie in me- different styles but always being true to myself…”

Perhaps it’s that ability to adapt that first led the TROYA team to focus their attentions on Silvana, twelve years ago already. Nowadays, she is a pretty much permanent part of the Troya Family, and considers Brasilio “almost like a second father – he is the firm base to the party and adored by the Troya people; they are so loyal, with another philosophy on life”.

“The thing with La Troya is that as long as you’re creative, they will give you a chance to prove it. There’s a lot of freedom at the party as far as our costumes are concerned, for example, and if you like to improvise then it’s the best place- although there were times in the early days when they sent me home to get changed because my outfit just wasn’t up to scratch”.

One part of her look that she won’t be changing anytime soon though- her incredible spread of tattoos.  Following in her father’s footsteps, she has a deep love for body art and travelling- and it shows, literally. Apart from the numerous smaller etchings covering her body, she “had always wanted a big piece, an accumulation of stories from my life, because having the pain of my feelings tattooed on my skin is my way of therapy”. Seventy hours later and she admits the breath-taking tattoo on her back “will never be finished, just like the process of life”.

A practiser of Buddhism, Perre is keen on Yoga and Pilates and believes that the balance of Mind, Body & Soul is the secret to a happy life.  A free spirit, again just like her father, she is also pretty sure that “the island keeps you young”.

Talking of long life, does she ever see herself settling here for good?  “Someday I will, but right now, my winters are spent caring for Daddy in Alicante,” she admits, “but I’m passionate about this place and I’ll never get fed up of it. I love visiting my favourite places, Cala d’Hort is one of them; I never get tired of looking at the sea, breathing with it…and as for Es Vedra, I love its energy, like a giant wave”.

And that’s not all she loves about Ibiza, in fact, the list is endless- the local artisans, the caves, Atlantis, Cala Conta, the villages – just a few examples.  More? The gipsy lifestyle, the moon, the light, the Old Town, the concentration of music and the musicians, the performers, The Troya Family, Anna Maria and the Dome, KM5 and of course, Sundays at Blue Marlin.

“The passion that I feel when I land on the island is indescribable; something in me awakens when I am here. I am in love with Ibiza”.  It becomes pretty obvious that Ibiza is love with her, too.

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