It’s probably quite fair at this stage of the game to advise you of the hybrid language that we speak here at FiX IBIZA. Given the fact that on the one hand you have the highly literate yet true to her Madrileña hood roots, with her ultra high yet kooky English, her not bad German, her grasp on good old Catalan, and not to mention her ever increasing knowledge of Japanese, Elena Toga Sanchez is a master of words. Me, myself and I, on the other hand, pride ourselves on the ability to take off an accent and absorb of a bit of every language that we come across, to a lower or higher degree. Ibiza is responsible for bringing out this skill; who would have thought that Jilly from the Block would speak fluent Spanish, teach English, defend herself admirably in Catalan, and definitely get by in French and Italian and heck, why not, even has a smattering of Dutch- a personal favourite. Both partners have also mastered a brand of Spanglish that is their language of choice. You may or may not understand it. The point I’m trying to make is that we’d like you to get on board with the mish mash of languages that you are sure to find in this blog. FIX is all about the communication, and mixing it up. Get on it!

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