Knee-deep in the throes of summer and it’s all go at the Boutique Hostal Salinas with their weekly events growing in size by the week and a number of new and exciting additions to the calendar confirmed for July and August.

First up, and it is indeed a first for the BHS, as one of the island’s most reputable events, Urban in Ibiza, confirms its appearance at the Salinas hotspot on the 2nd August. Now in its sixth year on the island, the art/fashion/music extravaganza has been credited with bringing a steady selection of the world’s best street artists to Ibiza and as far as the event at the Boutique Hostal Salinas is concerned, names currently being bandied about include Inkie, Elmo Hood and Dan Kitchener with more to be confirmed in the run up to the street art spectacle at Salinas. With a following that includes both junior and senior aficionados of graffiti and all that that entails, the Urban in Ibiza warm-up event at the BHS is a chance to see first-hand how its done with live painting from the artists included in the programme. An absolute must for your Ibiza calendar.


As far as the BHS’ baby, Lo Cura Lounge, is concerned, things in that department have been going from great to greater with Fridays and Sundays both dedicated to the spin-off project and both gatherings encompassing that ‘real Ibiza feeling’ that many strive to create but few manage to pull off. Andrew Livesey, Chief Fixer at We Love…Space (the venue for the Sunday get togethers), summed it up rather succinctly, saying: “The Lo Cura crew have managed to do, in various venues on the island, what many before them have tried and failed to do: – they create an atmosphere, vibe and party that is greater than the sum of all its parts. Their bar in Ibiza town was my favourite in the world and the Boutique Hostal Salinas is my current favourite place to hang out on the island, not to mention that the Lo Cura Lounge takeovers of El Salon at We Love …Space are the best parties that that room has ever seen”. The next date set for that El Salon takeover is 17 Aug when the Lo Cura crew join forces with Italian sensations, Souldrops, stepping up to the platos.

LO cura logo

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or rather the BHS terrace, the Once Upon a Time market has been inundated with new local and international designers and artisans setting up stall every Sunday from 6-11pm, amongst them Holga Garrosa, Evita Puch, Jahaira Cobeña and Die As Trash. With DJ Daisy Heartbreaker providing the music to shop by and many visitors availing of lunch in the restaurant at the same time, Sundays are really rather special at the Boutique Hostal Salinas.


Speaking of lunch and back in the kitchen, and the new concept restaurant, La Marisquería at Boutique Hostal Salinas, continues to climb the scale of culinary greatness with its predominantly seafood menu proving a success amongst resident guests and locals alike. But it’s not just the shellfish that is proving popular with chef Anxelinho Ares’ meat dishes also going down a treat and in particular, huge numbers of the House Burger have been breaking all records as word on that spreads across the island. As an added incentive, the restaurant also hosts Special Saturdays with Lobster & Chips at 35€pp and Tuesday Treats with La Mariscada fish plate at 45€pp.

DEFINITIVO Marisqueria2014_lores

Back in the boogie bit of the Boutique, and a special nod this week to Bruno from Ibiza and Angel Cielo’s party, Sunshine People, which this week brings in some very special guests from Brazil in the shape of acclaimed DJ duo MartJaz, flown in fresh from the football fever and ready to have a ball of a different kind this Thursday 24th July from 7pm at the BHS. Sunshine People shows no sign of stopping till the end of the season, with special guests announced weekly.


And finally, for this time round, and it’s been a while since we last mentioned it but it’s with great pleasure that we can finally confirm the release date of the BHS’ very first compilation CD, aptly titled the ‘Boutique Hostal Salinas Ibiza Summer Sessions’ out on the Seamless Recordings label and due to hit the streets on 4th August. The three discs of awesomeness, lovingly put together by BHS co-owner and Ibiza resident DJ, David Phillips with a helping hand from PBR Streetgang (aka the very versatile DJ duo Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe- fans, friends and fixtures of the Boutique Hostal Salinas) is a clever combo of down tempo, nu disco and deep house and features tracks from the likes of Goldfrapp, DFA, Pyschemagik, Nancy Wang, Bonar Bradberry, PBR Streetgang, Art of Tones, John Talabot, Prins Thomas and Ewan Pearson.


Aforementioned David Phillips, was last reported to be beside himself with joy at the long awaited arrival of the CD saying, “For years and years I’ve seen compilation after compilation come out and wondered why the hell we never brought out our own. Here’s what we hope to be the first of many!”

The CD will also be available to download online but meanwhile, for your media lugholes only, here’s a taster of what’s in store:

All in all then, as the trusty threesome* behind the BHS prepare to break the back of summer, seems like they’re doing a damned fine job thus far of creating one more memorable medley of a season at the Boutique Hostal Salinas.




17 AUG: ‘Lo Cura Lounge meets SOULDROPS’ w/ David Phillips, Brian Beezwax, Fabrizio Contu

31 AUG: ‘Lo Cura Lounge meets IBIZA SONICA RADIO’ w/ David Phillips, Karlos Sense, Andy Wilson

14 SEP: ‘Lo Cura Lounge meets VETO’ w/ David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Stephan Weidner

28 SEP: Lo Cura Lounge CLOSING’ w/ David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Amp & Deck


*Boutique Hostal Salinas is owned by run by David Phillips, Duesi Wolfmeir and Anita Dey


Useful Links:


Find us on Trip Advisor:

For more information on all things Boutique Hostal Salinas related including restaurant reservations and room rates as well as the full events calendar, contact:

Tel: +34 971 30 88 99




For all press enquiries, please contact:

Jillian Canney



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Todo sobre Warhol: Urban in Ibiza 5 en Ocean Beach Club con Société Perrier



Ocean Beach Club acoge mañana viernes 23 de agosto la segunda cita de la quinta edición de Urban in Ibiza: Sons of Warhol con la colaboración de Société Perrier España
Arte urbano a raudales con obras de Banksy, Schoony, Pure Evil, My Dog Sighs, Snik, Fin Dac, John Tracy…
El live painting corre a cargo de los artistas Inkie y Dan Kitchener aka DANK


(Ibiza, 22 de agosto 2013.- FIX Ibiza).- La segunda cita de la quinta edición de Urban in Ibiza llega mañana viernes hasta Sant Antoni, en Ocean Beach Club, en modo pool party y con el apoyo de Société Perrier. Prepárate para una nueva sesión de arte, moda y música de carácter urbano.

En 1983, Andy Warhol creó más de 40 diseños de arte inspirados en la icónica botella de Perrier. Este 2013 la marca celebra su 150 aniversario recordando al artista a través de la Fundación Andy Warhol con una especial edición limitada de su botella.

Urban in Ibiza ha empleado este 2013 título de ‘Sons of Warhol’. Una descripción que ya hace años utilizó un veterano artista de Ibiza al descubrir la colección de arte urbano de Paul Dizzi Saunders, director de Urban in Ibiza y propietario de la galería londinense Westbank Gallery ( La conexión entre Urban in Ibiza 2013 y Perrier no es sólo coherente, sino también perfecta.

La muestra artística de mañana incluye obras de Schoony, My Dog Sighs, Adam Bricusse, Snik, John Tracy, K Guy, Hornsleth, Ben Allen, Chad Muska, Dan Kitchener (DANK), Banksy, Elmo Hood, Zeus, Fin Dac, Henry Hate, Inkie, Pure Evil, Chapter y Milo, entre otros.  

SCHOONY Una mención especial merece el artista Schoony, con una fructífera carrera profesional en la industria cinematográfica (efectos especiales) y últimamente concentrado en su faceta de escultor, saltando a la fama con sus ‘boy soldiers’, extras de excepción en la película Kick Ass 2. 

HENRY HATE Henry Hate es un artista mexicano no exento de polémica con un estilo basado en el punk y el homocore y con clientes como Amy Winehouse o Alexander McQueen. Obras que no dejarán a nadie indiferente. 

JOHN TRACY John Tracy regresa con su proyecto Sk8 Art St, mostrando su ultimo trabajo. Piezas realizadas bajo una técnica que le gusta definir como ‘Light Graffiti’, en las que emplea la luz en lugar del spray para crear la misma sensación de libertad, color y vida. “Me gusta ver los colores en movimiento, como si bailaran, en un efecto muy eléctrico”, comenta el artista.  

LIVE PAINTING Urban in Ibiza no sería lo mismo sin su live painting. Este viernes se unen a la iniciativa el que ya es considerado patrimonio del arte urbano de la ciudad inglesa de Bristol, Inkie, y Dan Kitchener, más conocido como DANK y por su suculenta cartera de clientes que incluyen a Sir Paul McCartney, Calvin Harris, Carlsberg, MTV o Kylie Minogue, entre muchos otros. 

La crème de la créme, los hijos de Warhol, en la segunda cita de Urban in Ibiza 2013, en Ocean Beach Club, desde mediodía.

finished oceans back flyer for print 3mm bleed

Más info/ Imágenes/ Entrevistas : Elena FIX Ibiza | 627861566 | 


Inline image 2


Société Perrier is the global enthusiast’s source for engaging content and great events. Curating the best in nightlife, art, music, fashion, travel, mixology and cocktail culture, Société Perrier is the trusted arbiter of what’s hot around the world. When you see the Société Perrier seal, you know you are in the right place.


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SOW Logo K. Thomas

Urban in Ibiza: Sons of Warhol celebrates final island event on Friday 23 Aug at Ocean Beach Club with Société Perrier on board

Amongst the exhibition pieces, work from Banksy, Schoony, Pure Evil, My Dog Sighs, Snik, Fin Dac and John Tracy. Live Paint by Inkie and Dank


(FIX/Ibiza/Thurs 22 Aug 2013):

After what has been an intense 8 month long journey of proposals, preparations and paintings, URBAN IN IBIZA: Sons of Warhol is finally coming to the end of another island takeover with its ultimate event of 2013 taking place this Friday 23rd August at Ocean Beach Club, San Antonio. Set to be another roaring success for the organisers of the event, and in particular its creator, Paul Dizzi Saunders, this is the second time that Urban in Ibiza has presented its street art collection at the San An location and in an exciting, new collaboration, organisers are also pleased to announce that Société Perrier have also come on board the Urban in Ibiza Tour Bus (Yes, we have a Tour Bus!), in what hopes to be the start of a beautiful relationship between the two brands. And the link between the two- none other than the man who initiated the pop art movement in the 60s and remains a vital reference in the art world in the present day. He is Andy Warhol.

In 1983, Andy Warhol created over 40 works of art inspired by the iconic Perrier bottle. This year, to celebrate Perrier’s 150th anniversary, the brand has reconnected with the legendary artist through the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, presenting exclusive limited-edition Perrier packaging based on Warhol’s brilliant art, and which the Société Perrier team will present to guests at Ocean Beach Club throughout the event on Friday.

Back at the Urban in Ibiza camp and, having long since been a fan of Warhol’s work, Saunders wanted to capture some of that essence and philosophy and bring it to his own Art-Fashion-Music concept.  Saunders says, “Andy Warhol has always been someone I have admired. I feel street art emulates that Warhol quirk and ‘Sons Of Warhol’ is a term I’ve always used to describe our school of street artists. Plus, with Warhol’s birthday/anniversary falling on the same month as the Urban In Ibiza events this year, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to roll out the name”.

Taking all that into account, then, and it’s plain to see why Société Perrier and Urban in Ibiza’s joining of forces for the Ocean Beach event is a pretty apt one. The French mineral water brand will be present at the event, with surprises, giveaways and of course, plenty of sparkling water to cool the crowd down, including a number of their limited edition Andy Warhol bottles for the lucky/thirsty ones.



Back to the art, and the Urban in Ibiza exhibition at Ocean Beach includes works by Schoony, My Dog Sighs, Adam Bricusse, Snik, John Tracey, K Guy, Hornsleth, Ben Allen, Chad Muska, Dan Kitchener (DANK), Banksy, Elmo Hood, Zeus, Fin Dac, Henry Hate, Inkie, Pure Evil, Chapter and Milo. 

A special mention should go out to Schoony, whose works of art are constant fixtures in Urban in Ibiza exhibitions. With a background rooted in special effects and prosthetics for the film industry in a career spanning over twenty years, he took the plunge into a new career as an artist to share his passion for life cast sculpture. Schoony soon took the London art scene by storm in 2008 with his life cast sculptures ‘Boy Soldiers’, one of whom currently features in box office smash, Kick Ass 2.

For Urban in Ibiza: Sons of Warhol, he has created a life cast masterpiece, a little brother for his Boy Soldiers, Urban in Ibiza’s mascot for 2013. We present The Son of Warhol, a work of art so realistic you will need to look twice.

Also back for the Ocean Beach event, American photographer/artist and curator John Tracey will make a personal appearance presenting his SK8 Art St collection as part of the works on show. Apart from that, other most definite highlights of this event include a live paint by a vital component in Urban’s history- Bristol artist, Inkie this time joined by massively rising star, Dank, whose paintings at the Atzaro Exhibition were amongst the most popular. Mexican artist Henry Hate’s showstopper is also taking pride of place at Ocean Beach Club and keep eyes open for local artist Chapter’s contribution to the show. We could go on and on and on but the truth is, each and every work of art at Urban in Ibiza: Sons of Warhol deserves a massive shout out.  Or, you could just come see for yourself!

The crème de la crème of the international street art scene- right there, one more day/night only, at Ocean Beach Club, this Friday 23 August.



w/ Société Perrier






Editors Notes:

Société Perrier is the global enthusiast’s source for engaging content and great events. Curating the best in nightlife, art, music, fashion, travel, mixology and cocktail culture, Société Perrier is the trusted arbiter of what’s hot around the world. When you see the Société Perrier seal, you know you are in the right place.

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SOW Logo K. Thomas

La 5ª edición de Urban in Ibiza se celebrará el 1 de agosto en Atzaró y el 23 del mismo mes en Ocean Beach Club
Otras adiciones: El taller de arte para niños ‘Mini Markers’ el 30 de julio y un espontáneo ‘Live Painting’ en Ibiza Rocks el 31 de julio
Arte urbano por un tubo: Shepard Fairey, John Tracy, Chad Muska, Bam Margera… Y británico: Banksy, Mau Mau, Fin Dac, Ryan Callanan, My Dog Sighs, Inkie…
Y la moda – Tom Van der Borght, White Ibiza, desfilando 

Ibiza, 18 de julio 2013 (FIX Ibiza).- El arte cobra en la ya quinta edición de Urban in Ibiza una relevancia especial con la presencia de artistas internacionales como Shepard Fairey. A este californiano le conocemos por el retrato de Barack Obama con la leyenda ‘Hope’, que fue utilizado por el presidente durante la primera y victoriosa campaña electoral. Pero la trayectoria de este artista urbano y diseñador gráfico abarca mucho más, en un marco creativo extenso y reconocido en el que destacan los elementos del cartelismo de propaganda política de mediados del siglo pasado.

Shepard traerá a Ibiza obras relevantes y nuevas,  para en esta ocasión atender a dos ediciones iguales pero diferentes de Urban in Ibiza para celebrar por todo lo alto que en 2013 cumplimos 5 años. Las fechas: 1 de agosto en Atzaró y 23 de agosto en Ocean Beach Club.

shep artist profile image-1

Pero hay más. Se confirma la adición de otros artistas norteamericanos incluidos en el proyecto expositivo SK8 Art St, con un comisario como el fotógrafo John Tracy –relacionado sentimentalmente con Pamela Anderson y otros personajes singulares como uno de los Jackass, Bam Margera, o el renombrado skater Chad Muska.

Regresan grandes artistas de anteriores ediciones de Urban in Ibiza, convertidos ya en grandes amigos, y joven talento, representando el futuro. Encuentra piezas urbanas para diferentes espacios, para todos los públicos y bolsillos de la mano de Banksy, David Walker, Mau Mau, Fin Dac, Inkie, Snik, Schoony, Ben Allen, Dan Kitchener aka DANK, Jim Vision, Ben Slow, Henry Hate, Pure Evil, Rowan Newton, My Dog Sighs, Kristian Hornsleth, K Guy, Goldie, Nick Walker, Ryan Callanan aka RYCA, Milo, Copyright, Gemma Compton, Jim Starr, Elmo Hood, Lauren Baker, Chapter, Zeus, Nicolas Dixon, Sequin Kay, Adam Bricusse.

Urban in Ibiza utiliza en esta edición el nombre de ‘Sons of Warhol’. Una descripción que ya hace años empleó un veterano artista de Ibiza al descubrir la colección de arte urbano de Paul Dizzi Saunders, director de Urban in Ibiza y propietario de la galería londinense Westbank Gallery ( Con el añadido artístico americano en 2013, la expresión cobra pleno significado.

La exposición de Urban in Ibiza se mantendrá en Atzaró del 1 al 8 de agosto.


Y por supuesto, moda. Urban in Ibiza aglutina disciplinas y la moda es siempre una de ellas. Este año, el desfile lo encabeza el belga Tom Van der Borght, mostrando su colección Otoño/Invierno 13/14, llamada ‘Aponycalypse’ y recientemente premiada con el ‘Premium Young Designer Award 2013’ en la Berlin Fashion Week.


Además, y tras su reciente y exitoso lanzamiento de una boutique online, con una exquisita selección de prendas que exteriorizan de manera sublime la esencia de Ibiza, White Ibiza desfilará también por la pasarela de Atzaró, el próximo jueves 1 de agosto con marcas como la americana L *Space o la brasileña ViX Swimwear, entre otras.


El DJ y productor inglés Benji Boko repite este año porque Urban in Ibiza se merece sesiones chifladas como las suyas, con un enérgico hip hop de fondo. Se suman al cartel MC Carpetface y los DJs Samir, Yuniq, Gianluca de Tiberiis y Tony Montana.


Taller de Arte para niños
30 de Julio, Atzaró
De 12.00 a 14.00 horas
Todos los participantes (6-14) años, vuelven a casa con su propio canvas. La clase, magistral, corre a cargo, entre otros, del gran artista urbano  Inkie.
Precio 25€ (incluye materiales)



Miércoles 31 de Julio

Durante el concierto de Chase & Status, Urban in Ibiza tomará el Ibiza Rocks Hotel para hacer un live painting de la mano de una selección de artistas urbanos gracias a esta nueva y excitante colaboración entre Paul Dizzi Saunders y Andy Mckay & Dawn Hindle (Ibiza Rocks)

Creemos que Warhol se hubiese sentido bastante orgulloso de esta quinta edición de Urban in Ibiza.


Urban in Ibiza  Webpage
Urban in Ibiza on Facebook

Mini Markers:
Tom Van der Borght:
Benji Boko:

About Atzaró:

Atzaró Hotel is a gorgeous rural hotel located just outside of Santa Eulalia in the North East of Ibiza in the middle of the countryside inbetween Santa Eulalia town and the San Juan road. The actual address is Agroturismo ATZARóIbiza, Crta San Juan km15, 07840, Santa Eulalia, Islas Baleares, Spain.


Tel: + 34 971 33 88 38 – Fax: + 34 971 33 16 50

*Este año, el diseño promocional de la quinta edición de Urban in Ibiza corre a cargo de Kimberley Thomas. Un hecho a tener en cuenta

Más info/ Imágenes/ Entrevistas : Elena FIX Ibiza | 627861566 |

Esto es lo que pasó en Urban in Ibiza 2012:

Urban In Ibiza @ Atzaro 1:8:13

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(FIX/ IBIZA/17 JULY 2013) :  As Ibiza summer events go, it’s safe to say that ever since it first exploded onto the calendar in 2009, URBAN IN IBIZA is definitely up there on the Best of the Best List. This year, and what with the team behind the art-music-fashion extravaganza getting ready to celebrate their 5th birthday already (baby’s growin’ up…), this latest edition is set for starry, starry heights with not only a number of dates and venues confirmed but also, a wealth of both exclusive art & international artists all confirmed to take part in this Urban in Ibiza’s fifth celebration of their love of urban art, music and fashion.

The principal dates already set in stone for this edition are 1 Aug at Agroturismo Atzaró23 Aug at Ocean Beach Club and 31 July when Urban in Ibiza pops up for a live paint at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Add to that the 30 July being set aside for the Mini Markers- a kids street art workshop at Atzaro plus the fact that the Urban in Ibiza exhibition itself runs at Atzaró Gallery until 8 Aug before being shipped off to San Antonio’s Ocean Beach Club, and it’s a veritable month long urbantastic explosion.

The mahoosive news for the urbanistas this time round is the fact that event owner and director Paul Dizzi Saunders has confirmed the acquisition of a number of exclusive works at the events by a number of high profile American artists including the internationally recognised Shepard Fairey, man behind Obey Giant.

Fairey’s name is a familiar one to any aficionado of contemporary urban/street art, his reputation having catapulted to a stellar level in 2008 when his ‘Hope’ portrait of Barack Obama became the iconic image of the presidential campaign and helped inspire an unprecedented political movement. The original image now hangs in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. At this year’s Urban in Ibiza, Shepard Fairey unveils some original 2013 work, and this, make no mistake about it, is ‘a HUGE deal’ by any standards.


Representing Skate and Street, the work of Jackass’ Bam Margera and world renowned skater Chad Muska both form part of the SK8 Art St exhibition within an exhibition at Urban in Ibiza this year with fellow artist and curator John Tracy the obvious choice for a personal appearance at the event. ‘SK8 ART ST’ is a skateboarding / street art concept which takes a long look at skate culture and the transformation of skate related objects and paraphernalia into functional and fine artworks.

Aside from the U.S contingent, expect a long list of art and artists including several old faithfuls and a number of young newbies. To date, this year’s Urban in Ibiza will feature the works (and many of them exclusively) of Banksy, David Walker, Mau Mau, Fin Dac, Inkie, Snik, Schoony, Ben Allen, Dan Kitchener aka DANK, Jim Vision, Ben Slow, Henry Hate, Pure Evil, Rowan Newton, My Dog Sighs, Kristian Hornsleth, K Guy, Goldie, Nick Walker, Ryan Callanan aka RYCA, Milo, Copyright, Gemma Compton, Jim Starr, Elmo Hood, Lauren Baker, Chapter, Zeus, Nicolas Dixon, Sequin Kay, Adam Bricusse and if we know Dizzi Saunders, probably a few more squeezed in along the way…

Between them all, a celebration of street art, of skate, of urban culture and lifestyle. And that’s not to mention the fashion, the music and the kids’ workshop.


As per every year, Urban In Ibiza’s organisers are planning to wow with a catwalk show par excellence, this year led by Belgian designer and winner of the ‘Premium Young Designer Award 2013’ at Berlin Fashion Week, urban fashion designer Tom Van der Borght. Showcasing his award-winning  AW 13/14 collection ‘Aponycalypse’, Tom’s wild creations are the missing pieces of the Urban In Ibiza puzzle for 2013, we kid you not. Get ready for a catwalk show that simply screams Urban.

Warming up the catwalk and the crowd, Urban in Ibiza are also delighted to bring White Ibiza on board. After the successful launch of a new online Ibiza fashion boutique earlier this year, the fashion and style experts from White Ibiza are teaming up with Urban in Ibiza to bring their online brands onto the catwalk!

Smelling salts at the ready, it’s White Ibiza’s selection of this summer’s hottest swimwear styles, from hot US label L*Space and Brazilian brand ViX Swimwear among others that will have the crowd’s attention. Think fabulous fringing, wild patterns, mismatched prints, tribal embellishments and edgy hardware – these bikinis are anything but tame, echoing Ibiza’s eclectic yet chic style stakes. Attention grabbing stiff, just the way the Urbanistas like it…

Musically, it’s never a dull affair at Urban in Ibiza and this 5th Anniversary promises to prove just that. Fans of past editions will know the name of Benji Boko rather well, and the English DJ/Producer is back again to get the party well and truly started with his kooky remixes and energetic hip hop mash up sessions. He’s joined by MC Carpetface and DJs Samir, Yuniq, GianLuca de Tiberiis and Tony Montana plus special performances TBC. Extra good news on the music front, with Atzaró’s extended licencing hours meaning that we can make sweet urban music until 4a.m for the first time in Urban’s history at the gorgeous rural hotel hideaway.

As per every edition, Urban in Ibiza loves getting the kids involved. Lined up for their junior art experience this time around, Urban in Ibiza presents Mini Markers, a Street Art workshop with one of Europe’s top Graffiti artists Tom ‘Inkie’ BingleThe workshop is devised for 6-14 year olds and takes place on 30July from 12- 2.30pm again at Atzaró. With a set price per child of 25€, leave your budding Sons of Warhol to get their creative flow on, whilst you parents relax and enjoy lunch at Sant Joan’s jewel in the crown, Agroturismo Atzaró. And with Junior’s masterpiece coming home with him/her, best make a space on the mantelpiece. Booking is essential and can be done by mailing:

So. To sum up. Art- Fashion- Music. Put it all together and what have you got except one great big, brilliant celebration of Urban Lifestyle.

Urban in Ibiza 5: Sons of Warhol…We hope Andy himself would be proud…

30th JULY: Mini Markers @ Atzaró
31st JULY: Live Paint @ Ibiza Rocks Hotel
1st August: URBAN IN IBIZA 5 @ Atzaró
1st– 8th August: URBAN IN IBIZA Exhibition continues @Atzaró Gallery
23rd August: URBAN IN IBIZA @ Ocean Beach Club


Urban in Ibiza  Webpage
Urban in Ibiza on Facebook
Mini Markers:
Tom Van der Borght:
Benji Boko:

About Atzaró:

Atzaró Hotel is a gorgeous rural hotel located just outside of Santa Eulalia in the North East of Ibiza in the middle of the countryside inbetween Santa Eulalia town and the San Juan road. The actual address is Agroturismo ATZARó Ibiza, Crta San Juan km15, 07840, Santa Eulalia, Islas Baleares, Spain.


Tel+ 34 971 33 88 38 – Fax: + 34 971 33 16 50

*This year’s Urban in Ibiza promotional artwork has been designed by Kimberley Thomas and should be credited as such where relevant…

For more info, press accreditations, interview requests and hi-res images, contact:

Jillian Canney FIX IBIZA
M: +34 645909098
Twitter: @FIXIBIZA
Facebook: Fixibiza

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URBAN SPACES IBIZA Art Hotel: El proyecto de arte disfrazado de hotel boutique .-


El proyecto artístico disfrazado de hotel boutique

Un art hotel desatado a la creación de grandes artistas de la escena urbana como Inkie, Lauren Baker, Fin Dac, Yasmina, Nicolas Dixon… 

15 suites, un bar-restaurante de referencia, una azotea privada y todos los servicios que imaginas

 Un proyecto en constante evolución, una idea nacida de un sueño 

Ibiza, 18 de junio 2013 (FIX Ibiza).- Un hotel concebido como un proyecto artístico cuyas paredes han servido en los últimos meses de lienzo a casi una veintena de artistas urbanos locales, nacionales e internacionales para convertirlo en un gran cuadro, en un pequeño museo, en el pleno centro urbano de Ibiza.

Inspirado en el libro que cuenta la historia del mítico art hotel de Nueva York, The Carlton Arms, Ira Francis-Smith, propietario de Urban Spaces, decidió que Ibiza era el lugar idóneo para materializar tan extraordinario concepto. Sucumbir al arte urbano a través de una máxima: plena libertad de expresión para los artistas.

El hotel, de tan sólo 15 habitaciones, muestra diferentes estilos, texturas y colores en cada esquina, en cada suite, obra de personalidades tan reconocidas como Nicolas Dixon, Lauren Baker, Inkie, Philth, Yasmina, Fin Dac, Raúl Moya, Code, N4T4 o Chapter, entre muchos otros y sin olvidar el talento local: Jerom Ibiza, Hosh, Zsar.

El resto, ha sido obra del respeto por la isla de Ibiza, transformando la base del hotel con palés y otros materiales reciclados, consiguiendo un ambiente cálido y acogedor, sin artificios, como la otra Ibiza.

Vía Púnica 32 Ibiza 07800

Ubicado en la céntrica Vía púnica de Ibiza ciudad, Urban Spaces se encuentra frente a la Necrópolis de Puig des Molins, la más grande y mejor conservada de la cultura fenicio-púnica –siglo V a.C. Al lado, las murallas renacentistas – Dalt Vila, el monumento más importante de la ciudad – Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Abajo, el centro neurálgico – Punto de encuentro: el Paseo de Vara de Rey y la Plaza del Parque. Muy cerca, el puerto y los barrios antiguos de La Marina y sa Penya. Arriba, los molinos –Puig des Molins y la nueva sede de la Universidad, en el antiguo edificio de la Comandancia Militar. Bajando la colina, un par de calitas de aguas transparentes y secretas.

Bar / Restaurante StrEAT
Con acceso desde la calle, StrEAT, el bar-restaurante de Urban Spaces. Un concepto muy original inspirado en la cocina callejera de diferentes países del mundo que además incluye un cocktail menú creado por Charles Vexenet (bar 1805). Elige tu país, tu plato y tu bebida y disfrútalo mientras, sin anuncio previo ni grandes florituras, escuchamos a favoritos de las grandes pistas de baile. Espontáneo es un adjetivo muy de la calle.

Servicios: Que no te falte de nada

Porque no queremos unas vacaciones de no salir del spa o la piscina del hotel, Urban Spaces no tiene nada de eso. A cambio, un completo listado de servicios basado en la experiencia para satisfacer cualquier deseo y momento. Del clásico servicio de habitaciones las 24 horas a no te preocupes por nada más: ni horarios, vueltas, vuelos, taxis, aparcamiento, aeropuerto. No tienes ni que hacer la maleta si no quieres. Disfraces, masajes, compras… Que no te falte de nada. 

Y esto es sólo el comienzo. Urban Spaces es una idea nacida de un sueño, un proyecto artístico disfrazado de hotel boutique en constante evolución. Es un art hotel, “impuesto por mi destino”, dice Francis-Smith, “orgánico, siempre en proceso de cambio… ¡Va a ser un verano fantástico”.


Captura de pantalla 2013-06-03 a las 09.51.23

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-03 a las 09.51.03

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-03 a las 09.51.49


Urban Spaces
Proyecto Artístico. Hotel Boutique. Fun Destination
Vía Púnica 32
Ibiza 07800

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Urban Spaces Art Hotel Open for Business!



The interactive art project cum boutique hotel, located in Ibiza Town, ready for its first summer

Artists on board include Inkie, Lauren Baker, Fin DAC, Jerom Ibiza, Hosh, Nicolas Dixon, Raul Moya, Mikey Brain, Chapter, Solo and Lauren Baker

(FIX Ibiza,18 June 2013): Freedom of expression and maximum impact, two concepts that immediately spring to mind on an exploration of Ibiza’s latest colourful addition- the Urban Spaces Art Hotel. Cunningly disguised as an art project and located in the epicentre of Ibiza Town, the fifteen-room boutique hotel swings open its very colourful doors just in time for a scorcher of a summer, and word on the street has it that this is the place to be in Ibiza 2013.

The idea behind the hotel is one that owner, Ira Francis-Smith, had been mulling over for quite some time, having been inspired by a similar project in The Carlton Arms Hotel in New York a number of years ago. Francis- Smith rightly decided that it was time Ibiza produced a masterpiece of the same calibre, and with the help of Urban Art expert and director of the Westbank Gallery London, Paul Dizzi Saunders, alongside street art pioneer, Inkie, Urban Spaces Art Hotel was born.

Here’s a place set slap bang opposite the World Heritage site of the Necropolis Punica, its open air rooftop providing striking views of the ancient walls of Dalt Villa, the old port, the University in the beautiful old military building and the hills of Can Mut in the distance.  The hotel’s location in itself provides an interesting contrast between the old and the new and this is definitely a new concept in tourism with a focus on hospitality and service and a desire to make every guest’s stay the first of many.

The Grand Tour

On arrival at the front entrance of Urban Spaces Art Hotel, prepare to be greeted by the work of one of the U.K’s most renowned street artists– Tom Bingle, better known as Inkie, whose signature style, coined ‘Ink Nouveau’, is a theme that runs throughout the hotel; the Bristol-based artist has also transformed one of the top floor master suites and several other Inkie references are dotted around the building.

Step through that same front door and it’s a veritable explosion of biomorphic shapes and vivid colours that span the walls freshly painted by Leeds artist Nicolas Dixon. From there on in, and taking the entirety of the building as one giant blank canvas, aforementioned Dixon and Inkie together with Lauren Baker, Fin Dac, Jerom Ibiza, Mikey Brain, Hosh, Philth, False, N4T4, Solo, Tito Arteria, Chapter, False, William Worrell, Posh Fruit, Alessia Avellina, Yas Mina, Code, Zsar andRaul Moya have all stepped up and contributed to the creation of what is already being hyped as the coolest new hotel hotspot in Ibiza. Each room different, each space encompassing a different concept, a different artist, a different style…


As a small hotel, innovation is the key in the hotel’s approach to the guests, and that in mind, competing with the bigger hotels by providing a unique services menu, including flight check-in, flight change and bag packing services, pas well as some some cheeky items on the room service menu (fancy dress and loveboxes amongst them) that you simply just don’t find in your average hotel.

As far as the design concept, the island’s ecology is key at Urban Spaces with the recycling and reconstituting of materials where possible and the usage of local vendors and products being employed at all times throughout the building process.

Being so ecologically aware, Francis’ is also adamant that the location of the hotel means dictates that he is, extremely conscious of the surrounding residents”. He goes on, “My desire for harmony also extends to that of the surrounding residents on Via Punica. With that in mind, I’m going to be using sound dampening techniques, partnered with decibel limiters and silent disco technology to try and keep the neighbourhood happy with what we have.”


On the ground floor of Urban Spaces, a different space, this is the place to fill your face. StrEAT is the hotel’s bar/restaurant, serving up a selection of street food from around the globe, eat in or take away and with the option to be washed down by one of our specially concocted cocktails,in a concept overseen by Charles Vexenat, of Bar 1805 fame.  Pull up a pew in our back yard, freshly decorated by Dixon and Lauren Baker and seriously, just take five…

StrEAT Parties

No stranger to Ibiza, Francis and his team’s faces are well known on the circuit and as a result, guests at the hotel can expect a number of off-the-cuff events taking place throughout the summer, with talks currently underway with a number of international and local DJs and artists in the run-up to the season.

Indeed, before the Hotel’s doors even opened, French radio station, Pink City Beats in a collaboration with Bohemia Ibiza already set up shop twice inside the hotel with two live stream broadcasts.

And this is just the start…An idea born from a dream, an art project constantly in evolution, a boutique hotel ready to roll, Urban Spaces Art Hotel is a destination fuelled, so says Francis-Smith, by ‘Kismet; it’s organic, ever changing- and it’s going to be a great summer!”

Urban Spaces. Art Project. Boutique Hotel. Fun Destination.

Via Punica, 32

For more info on Room Tariffs and Availability, contact:


Tel: +34 871 517 174


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‘URBAN IN IBIZA’ set to represent the island as part of LNADJ’s historic event inside the British Houses of Parliament

 Urban in Ibiza co-curator, INKIE, confirms live paint at the event

(6th March 2013/FIX/Ibiza): 

As far as historical turning points go, URBAN IN IBIZA’s recent announcement really took the proverbial biscuit with their unveiling of their charity foundation meets art project ‘SMILE BRITANNIA’, due to be launched today, Wednesday, May 6th inside the U.K Houses of Commons, in conjunction with the ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation’.

The LNADJ event is one that organisers have been planning for quite some time, and which today, becomes a reality. As part of the initiative, Urban in Ibiza’s curator, INKIE, will do a live paint at the event, most definitely the first of its kind to take place in the hallowed halls of the House of Commons, in the U.K’s capital city, London.

Contemporary artist RYCA will also be in attendance with his iconic ‘Mega Smiley’ image. Both artists will be producing limited edition prints for all attendees, as well as large scale pieces for display.

Urban in Ibiza’s creator and partner in the Westbank Gallery London, Paul ‘Dizzi’ Saunders, who has played a key role in the realization of the project, said of today’s fundraiser, “It’s a joy to be involved in such a historic event. Seems like only yesterday we were marching on Parliament for the ‘Freedom to Dance’ movement. Twenty-five years later, I’m welcomed with open arms; walking in the front door with a 2m high Smiley and one of the biggest DJs in house music, all to promote a government backed charity. This year is set to be our biggest yet in so many ways. Sons of Warhol are coming! Onwards and upwards.”

But that’s just the half of it. Step up, Norman Cook, much better known as FatBoy Slim, for he is the main man set to make dance music history by being the first DJ ever to play inside the House of Commons. Backing him up, the world’s most adventurous cellist, Matthew Barley, & young visionary beat poet, Sonny Green. Bryce Fury, the winner of Westbank’s national DJ competition, House the House, will also be showing us what he’s made of in the music department.  Could this whole thing be any more exciting?!

The event is hosted by Mike Weatherley, MP. Former music executive Mike, also champions Rock the House & Film the House competitions.

This is one seriously cool, seriously urban and seriously historic happening.



Smile Britannia- and the urban world smiles with you…


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The island’s prestigious urban art event takes place on Thurs 9th Aug, whilst the exhibition runs from 5th – 31st August in Atzaró, Ibiza

Graffiti master/drum n bass pioneer Goldie amongst artists confirmed to attend

Music and fashion once again playing a major role in the annual showcase

IBIZA, 30th July, 2012 (FIX Ibiza).- In the four short years of URBAN IN IBIZA’S existence, there is no denying that it has already grown to become one of the key events on the Ibiza Calendar, drawing hundreds of urban and street art lovers to the most talked about rural hotel on the island- Atzaró, in the glorious hills of Sant Joan.

The brainchild of entrepreneur, gallerist and general gent about town, Paul Dizzi Saunders, this year’s main event takes place on 9th August, although the exhibition runs from 5th– 31st August in the AtzaróGallery in the north of the island of Ibiza.

Never one to shy away from hard work, this year Saunders has put together an unmatched selection of international street artists, bringing them together under the one umbrella- or should that be parasol- of Urban in Ibiza 4.

This year’s showcase can only merit even more applause with the star turn of URBAN IN IBIZA 2012 confirmed as acclaimed artist/drum & bass pioneer/actor/general genius GOLDIE, who will be, for the first time, at the event in person alongside his work in the grounds of the Sant Joan rural hotel.

Goldie, named in the BBC’s list of New Elizabethans — the 60 Britons who have ‘illuminated’ the Queen of England’s reign since her coronation in 1953, recently unveiled a stunning portrait of the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee, and in an exclusive Ibiza moment, the piece will be on show when Goldie makes his first appearance at Urban in Ibiza, with a limited numbers of prints for sale.

Goldie had this to say on the whole thing, “It’s gonna be fantastic to return to the white rock as an artistic exhibiting at Urban in Ibiza and DJing at an intimate after party. It’s gonna be that special, I’m leaving my UK Olympic show in London for the private view and then flying to New York straight after the after-party! Peace…”

Alongside him and keeping with the Jubilee theme, AGENT PROVOCATEUR is back at Urban, with amongst his exhibition pieces, another reference to dear old Majesty in her diamond years.

But it’s not just all about the red white and blue. Irish by origin, artist by choice, the creator of last year’s URBAN IN IBIZA live painting, FIN DAC is back for more, having recently completed a graffiti tour of Colombia swiftly followed by a commission at the Olympic Village for London 2012.

From the depths of Facebook, the had this to say about his return to the island- “After showing my work at the first 2 Urban In Ibiza events, I was thrilled last year to be able to attend in person, paint live and soak up the atmosphere and energy of, what is now, an iconic Ibizan event. That said, as good as last year was, I think this year is going to be utterly off-the-hook… and I for one am not going to miss it.”

Just two corkin’ examples of a long list of international artists whose work will be on show at Urban in Ibiza 2012…oh! And did we mention BANKSY?! It’s a big up and a bit of a coup for the organisers of Urban this year, with some of the works of illustrious graffiti artist/political activist/film director/painter, Banksy, showing in the exhibition for the first time.

Over the past years, Urban in Ibiza has become the reference for graffiti/street/art on the island, and bearing in mind that this is an island of EDM, that’s quite an achievement. Highlights over the last years include a live performance from Roots Manuva, fashion from Dirty Pretty Things and a list of artists that, to the trained eye, can only be heralded as magnificent- Inkie, David Walker, Ben Slow, K Guy and Shoe amongst them.


Saunders had this to say on the upcoming show, “Something tells me this edition will be the best yet – everyone is very charged up and excited about it. It really will be an attack on all the senses and definitely a night to remember; it’s great that the exhibition stays up until the end of the month, giving people a chance to come and take it all in properly.”

Apart from the art, fashion and music also make up a substantial part of the annual event. This year, the catwalk belongs to MADAME V, KASHCA and HAZEL CROWNEY whilst as far as the soundtrack is concerned, it’s another stonkin’ combination of live music and DJs, the combination of which, if previous years are anything to go by, will surely keep the party on its dancing feet long into the wee small hours. Already confirmed on the live side of things, BUGGSY, SHOVELL, DOGZ OR GODZ, CARPETFACE & ILLITERATE and HOT ICE are pleased to serve the Urban in Ibiza crowd.

As far as the DJs on the night are concerned, it’s yet another first for the Urban in Ibiza, with the confirmation of All Saints’ MEL BLATT making her DJing debut at the do. SAMIR and DJ YUNIQ will join Blatt, who recently became a full-time resident of the island. Between the three of them, expect only quality tuneage- an eclectic selection that hs hip hop as its staple and everything else as the compliments.

All that and much more, taking place in and around the grounds of one of the island’s most breathtaking rural hotels, hidden in the north of Ibiza and a work of art itself- Atzaro- the perfect canvas for Urban in Ibiza 2012.





As URBAN IN IBIZA at Atzaro draws to a close, those in the know are invited to regroup at renowned lounge bar/restaurant AURA for a rather exclusive end to the night. Apart from a DJ set from GOLDIE (!) (this doesn’t happen very often, folks..), Mr Brandon Block will also be playing his part in making this one after show to remember. If past years are anything to go by, Aura is the perfect location for a perfect end to Urban in Ibiza 4.

AURA – Ctra San Juan KM 13.5
Free Entry!



More info
Jillian Canney/ FIX PR / e: / t: +34 645 90 90 98

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