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Urban in Ibiza: Sons of Warhol celebrates final island event on Friday 23 Aug at Ocean Beach Club with Société Perrier on board

Amongst the exhibition pieces, work from Banksy, Schoony, Pure Evil, My Dog Sighs, Snik, Fin Dac and John Tracy. Live Paint by Inkie and Dank


(FIX/Ibiza/Thurs 22 Aug 2013):

After what has been an intense 8 month long journey of proposals, preparations and paintings, URBAN IN IBIZA: Sons of Warhol is finally coming to the end of another island takeover with its ultimate event of 2013 taking place this Friday 23rd August at Ocean Beach Club, San Antonio. Set to be another roaring success for the organisers of the event, and in particular its creator, Paul Dizzi Saunders, this is the second time that Urban in Ibiza has presented its street art collection at the San An location and in an exciting, new collaboration, organisers are also pleased to announce that Société Perrier have also come on board the Urban in Ibiza Tour Bus (Yes, we have a Tour Bus!), in what hopes to be the start of a beautiful relationship between the two brands. And the link between the two- none other than the man who initiated the pop art movement in the 60s and remains a vital reference in the art world in the present day. He is Andy Warhol.

In 1983, Andy Warhol created over 40 works of art inspired by the iconic Perrier bottle. This year, to celebrate Perrier’s 150th anniversary, the brand has reconnected with the legendary artist through the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, presenting exclusive limited-edition Perrier packaging based on Warhol’s brilliant art, and which the Société Perrier team will present to guests at Ocean Beach Club throughout the event on Friday.

Back at the Urban in Ibiza camp and, having long since been a fan of Warhol’s work, Saunders wanted to capture some of that essence and philosophy and bring it to his own Art-Fashion-Music concept.  Saunders says, “Andy Warhol has always been someone I have admired. I feel street art emulates that Warhol quirk and ‘Sons Of Warhol’ is a term I’ve always used to describe our school of street artists. Plus, with Warhol’s birthday/anniversary falling on the same month as the Urban In Ibiza events this year, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to roll out the name”.

Taking all that into account, then, and it’s plain to see why Société Perrier and Urban in Ibiza’s joining of forces for the Ocean Beach event is a pretty apt one. The French mineral water brand will be present at the event, with surprises, giveaways and of course, plenty of sparkling water to cool the crowd down, including a number of their limited edition Andy Warhol bottles for the lucky/thirsty ones.



Back to the art, and the Urban in Ibiza exhibition at Ocean Beach includes works by Schoony, My Dog Sighs, Adam Bricusse, Snik, John Tracey, K Guy, Hornsleth, Ben Allen, Chad Muska, Dan Kitchener (DANK), Banksy, Elmo Hood, Zeus, Fin Dac, Henry Hate, Inkie, Pure Evil, Chapter and Milo. 

A special mention should go out to Schoony, whose works of art are constant fixtures in Urban in Ibiza exhibitions. With a background rooted in special effects and prosthetics for the film industry in a career spanning over twenty years, he took the plunge into a new career as an artist to share his passion for life cast sculpture. Schoony soon took the London art scene by storm in 2008 with his life cast sculptures ‘Boy Soldiers’, one of whom currently features in box office smash, Kick Ass 2.

For Urban in Ibiza: Sons of Warhol, he has created a life cast masterpiece, a little brother for his Boy Soldiers, Urban in Ibiza’s mascot for 2013. We present The Son of Warhol, a work of art so realistic you will need to look twice.

Also back for the Ocean Beach event, American photographer/artist and curator John Tracey will make a personal appearance presenting his SK8 Art St collection as part of the works on show. Apart from that, other most definite highlights of this event include a live paint by a vital component in Urban’s history- Bristol artist, Inkie this time joined by massively rising star, Dank, whose paintings at the Atzaro Exhibition were amongst the most popular. Mexican artist Henry Hate’s showstopper is also taking pride of place at Ocean Beach Club and keep eyes open for local artist Chapter’s contribution to the show. We could go on and on and on but the truth is, each and every work of art at Urban in Ibiza: Sons of Warhol deserves a massive shout out.  Or, you could just come see for yourself!

The crème de la crème of the international street art scene- right there, one more day/night only, at Ocean Beach Club, this Friday 23 August.



w/ Société Perrier






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One Hope, One Quest

Well, well, well, here we are in 2011, and at FIX Ibiza , we are just welcoming the year ahead with open arms.
With the first of our New Year’s Resolutions already up and running- that is, the writing of this very blog, we are off to a good start.
And whilst my most cari darlin’ friend and business partner Elena Toga Sanchez has already given you the lowdown in Spanish on FIX as a PR Consultancy company, I guess it’s down to me, the other half-Jillian Maria Canney- to do the same in English.
In a nutshell, FIX Ibiza is the result of a chance meeting between two wee party animals on a random night out back in 2004. One of them(La Irlandesa) was DJing at the time- moi- the other(La Española) was jumping about like a bloody lunatic to an all time classic, Roots Manuva’s ‘Witness the Fitness’. And there it was, the tune that brought us together.

It was to be the start of a beautiful friendship, one which went on to culminate in the Fix Two running their own party- GIRLZ SKOOL- for several years in venues across Ibiza and further afield.
But then, the time came to get really serious, and we decided to take our cojones in our hands, metaphorically speaking of course, and set ourselves up as a legit PR &Events company. The culmination of our work experience until that point seemed to suggest that many of the necessary ingredients were already in place for such a mission- now, all we needed was the business acumen.
I had already been working for our first client- Ibiza Rocks-for a few years when we took the plunge to set up FIX and it was with great pleasure then, that the live music brand became the very first project that we got our teeth stuck into.
As far as that one goes, and since that time, we have managed the PR and Communication for Ibiza Rocks, placing it firmly on the media map as the island’s most talked about brand. As part of our role within that, we have also successfully managed to convince the local authorities that here was something that could help turn around the press-led negative image of San Antonio, the town in which the events take place.Time went on to prove just that, culminating in the San Antonio Town Hall selecting Ibiza Rocks as one of two of the most interesting offers to be showcased at the recent World Travel Market in London. No mean feat. We’re very proud!

Since those early days, our client-base has steadily increased, working with not only local brands but also with those from U.K and further afield whose end game is to have a presence on the island of Ibiza.
Amongst other campaigns and/or events that we have rather successfully managed, we can quote XBox, MTV, Mallorca Rocks, Manumission, Pure Form, The Barefoot Doctor, Carl Cox & Friends, Urban in Ibiza, Ibiza Town Hall, Sant Joan Municipality, Guru Josh Art, Dance 4Life, Can Rich Hierbas Ibicencas, Joves Empresaris, EarthDance/EarthRun, Ibiza Music Cluster and Casas Rurales de Sant Joan. Amongst a few….

So, three years down the line and we are rather pleased with our progression. And as we storm, PR guns a blazing into 2011, we can only hope that that progression continues to develop at the happy pace in which it already has.
We hope that, through this blog, we can begin to show you the real Ibiza Uncovered- and believe us that will be nothing like the old one!
Stay Tuned, Fixies!

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