5 months down the line, doing an internship with FIX IBIZA… a well-known PR and Events Management company.  I have decided to write a blog to tell you how it’s going!

 So, how did I get to where I am now!?

Well, it all started last summer, when I was thinking about university choices and my current work experiences… having just moved to Ibiza and with a passion for Media, I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge and see what was out there for me in my new stomping ground of  Ibiza, and that’s when  I got the chance to help at FIX IBIZA… those 2 weeks work experience jam-packed with  events including Ibiza Rocks, Rock ‘N’ Mola and Els Dissabtes Al Mercat Vell showed me what its really like to be part of a PR and Events Management company; and changed my perception on what I wanted to do with my life…


So, I decided to take a gap year and here I am… I asked FIX IBIZA if they wouldn’t mind taking me on as an intern for a year after I had finished my A-levels, with absolute delight and without hesitation they accepted…

End of June …a step into the real world of work, but… a new, exciting, miraculous experience adventure began…

Jillian once posted to me a quote from ’10 things you should expect in your first PR Job’ … “ When someone says expect the unexpected, slap them in the face and say you didn’t expect that did you?”  Even though this made me laugh, it reflected that I must ‘expect the unexpected’  and face challenges, but that’s what I need …to face any fears and expand my skills.  As tennis player, Arthur Ashe once said; “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” …

My first taster of the crazy summer ahead with FIX was the Grand Opening of Ocean Beach Club, whose motto proclaimed, ‘A New Era for San Antonio’ . Assisting at the door with the press was a great way for me to communicate and to build up my confidence… Apart from working , there was also time to be able to enjoy the event, so there I was sitting in VIP with free drinks and classic tunes blaring out from the DJ booth……what more could an 18 year old girl want!? Seriously though, being a part the organisation of such an event and then attending  … I knew I had taken the right choice and would have one hell of a great time ahead…

Secondly, the well-known enterprise Ibiza Rocks. As well as promoting each event, by doing social media updates on Twitter and Facebook, I attended each event FIX IBIZA went to, these were: Ed Sheeran , The Maccabees, Kaiser Chiefs, Ben Howard, Kasabian, Major Lazer, Happy Mondays, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club  and Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe’ … what an experience that was, It was great watching live concerts and getting to know the local press. Chatting to them and finding out what they do was a real insight (Ade Harris, Claire Bradley  (Ibiza-Blog), Mc Crackin(Ibiza Spotlight) Johnny Lee (MixMag/Sundance),Mike Parry (Lucky life TV) and many others.

To get a different aspect of being at the event, working wise, FIX set me up at the closing event with a press pass meaning I could take pictures within press boundaries, which I thoroughly enjoyed! … Not only that, there was an after party at the lovely and unique hotel, ‘Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes’, which I had never really been to before, so it was a great, relaxed, fun experience ! One thing which I will not forget is having a good chit chat to Mark Ronson in Freddie’s Bar ( + picture taken!) …

Throughout the summer ( June- August) a new event was bought to the island from England ‘UK’s biggest indie night’ ‘PROPAGANDA’ which was held at Sankeys and then at Es Paradis… I loved it…it was perfect for my age group,   the music was absolutely great , with DJ’s such as Matt Horne and Nick Grimshaw  from Radio 1 … Meeting Matt Horne aka Gavin from ‘ Gavin and Stacey’ was fun!

Urban in Ibiza (Atzaro) … the coolest urban art I have seen, featuring pieces from Goldie (Goldie himself was even there!) … There was such a nice atmosphere … Live graffiti artists, fashion show, live music… chill out area … superb… being able to help organise the event was an eye-opener, seeing what really goes on with such a big event was really useful, with so many different things going on, it really was magical.

The last event, which I went to in the summer season, was again held at the unique hotel ‘Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes’ – Govert de Roos. This event was a talk, from de Roos himself, a legendary  Rock ‘N’ Roll photographer from Holland. The outcome was a lovely relaxed and interesting evening, with an exhibition of his work, in which you got a real insight of his life and how he got to where he is now… kind of what I’m doing now, but not as extreme !!

Apart from all these wonderful experiences, I have also been in charge of compiling all the Dossiers for each event, which is time consuming but interesting -getting familiar with all the clients and keeping up with media issues, creating a mighty fine database of all FIX IBIZA’S clients, helping out with some press releases, keeping up to date with each event and promoting well known DJs such as ANTZ, assisting at interviews with Goldie and  Govert de Roos, plus general office assistance…

Now that summer 2012 has ended and winter 2012 has come upon us, the last event which was held was the first ever Halloween at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel- ‘VAMP‘… this was extremely fun to organise, making homemade decorations of ghosts and witches legs… sadly I was unable to attend… it looked incredible and I have read great reviews of what an amazing evening everyone had…VAMPIFIED indeed!

Writing this blog, I would like to thank Jillian and Elena considerably for letting me have this opportunity, already it has been seriously, once in a life time experience , couldn’t of imagined this time a year a go I would have been doing this! … Not only have I had all these great experiences but Jillian and Elena have made me feel very welcome and even though they are my super cool bosses, they are  friends too… there have been some funny times…

It is only November and I have many more adventures to come … I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for the upcoming winter and 2013  … I have learnt already heaps … Thanks a million guys… BRING IT ON!!!

Saydi Beard aka SaydiBelle

Twitter: @saydibeard


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AN AUDIENCE WITH GOVERT DE ROOS- the rock n roll education continues at Ibiza Rocks House











Ibiza, 15th August 2012 (FIX Ibiza)


When it comes to real rock n roll destinations of the 70s and 80s, Holland was way up there with the best of them, hosting the world’s top musicians and some of the most important events in the history of music from that time. Behind the lens, Govert de Roos was knee deep in the scene, ready to capture the essence of music for posterity with the help of his trusty camera..

As far as setting the bar high goes, de Roos’ picture of the peace and love ‘bed-in’ of John Lennon and Yoko Ono at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam is an undeniable classic moment in the history of music and from there the Dutch photographer went on to work one on one with The Jackson 5, Abba, Grace Jones, Peter Frampton, Joe Cocker, Whitney Houston and Blondie. That’s not to mention his stunning ‘live on stage’ shots of bands like Queen, Janis Joplin and Bob Marley.

When we consider that this was the last era before digital came steaming into the world of photography, it’s not difficult to work out that the music/photography bond back then was a whole different ballgame to the modern day rockstar shoot. A different time, when a different connection existed between the musician and the photographer.

It is that spirit, that trust, those naive pre-paparazzi times, that Govert De Roos photos capture so beautifully.

Nearly forty years on and it’s time to relive that past- just for a while, with an exclusive appearance by the Govert de Roos himself, in an unprecendented visit to Ibiza, more specifically, at Ibiza Rocks House @ Pikes Hotel.  Having dusted off his archives and selected his personal favourites, ‘An Audience with Govert de Roos’ is set to take place on Saturday 25th Auguest.

More specifically, the exhibition, entitled ‘Hard Copy’, will comprise of a  selection of some fifty classic examples of the photographer’s work and will show until 28th August at the island’s original rock and roll hotel. A number of pieces (including some originals) will also be available for purchase on the night of the event,  with de Roos on hand to personally sign the pictures.

‘An Audience with Govert de Roos’ is the second in the Ibiza Rocks initiative , the first having been hosted by Rolling Stone’s first photographer-in-chief, Baron Wolman on 12th June. De Roos, just like Wolman, is expected to enthrall his audience with the stories behind his pictures and tales of pure rocky horror and high japes- not to mention images of great including Abba, Blondie, David Bowie, Herman Brood, Joe Cocker, Lennard Cohen, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Brian Ferry, Peter Frampton, Whitney Houston, Jackson 5, Elton John, Grace Jones, Janis Joplin, Chaka Khan, Kiss, Paul McCartney, Freddy Mercury, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Bob Marley, Ringo Star, Miami Sound Machine, Sting, Cindy Lauper, Prince, Sade and Status Quo.

As far as the venue goes, Ibiza Rocks House @ Pikes really is the ideal spot for such an occasion, already famous worldwide for its own 80s hey-day when Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones were regulars, Willie Nelson, Bon Jovi and Julio Iglesias frequent guests. Even Wham choose the hotel as the backdrop to their monster smash hit, Club Tropicana, turning the Pikes swimming pool into a must visit by any diehard 80s kid.  All in all, the place boasts more rock n roll memorabilia from back in the day than a read through Ozzy Osbourne’s diary.

Back to the future, and these days, the 26 room boutique hotel, hidden in the San Antonio hills, is owned by two of Ibiza’s original forward-thinkers and party-makers- Andy Mc Kay and Dawn Hindle- Mr & Mrs Ibiza Rocks. Since 2005, with the start of their pioneering live events, IRH/PIKES has witnessed a staggering number of today’s music scene pass through its kooky grounds, all thanks to Ibiza Rocks bringing the live back to Ibiza. And so, the legacy continues and rock and roll will never die…


‘An Audience with Govert de Roos’

Sat. 25th August 2012

Ibiza Rocks House @ Pikes Hotel


   Restaurant ‘Room 39’ Ibiza Rocks House open for cocktails from 19.30hrs

An Audience with Govert de Roos from 21.00hrs

More Info:
Restaurant reservations: 971 34 22 22



For more info on the photographer:

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