Obesity is one of the biggest health problems facing the UK and, all too often, it’s our lower limbs and feet that bear the brunt of being overweight. As part of The College of Podiatry’s annual Feet for Life month in June, local podiatrist Mr Ciaran Canney Bsc (Hon) MChs, from Glasgow’s only fully accredited podiatry clinic, Foot Medic, in Bearsden, is working to raise awareness of the foot problems and conditions linked to being overweight. Asked for his thoughts on the problems being highlighted by Feet for Life Month, Canney says, “It is a serious problem but one that, in the majority of cases, can be solved. Here at Foot Medic, we run free diabetic foot checks for diabetes sufferers who have concerns about their feet. We can also advise on exercise to help get people mobile and start reducing the risk of obesity linked disease”.

“Being overweight and/or obese places increased pressure on your feet, ankles and lower limbs, which makes you more likely to experience arthritis, foot pain and skin problems on the feet. It can also create a debilitating cycle where people put on weight and then find it difficult to stay mobile and exercise, which can result in even further weight gain and make it harder to lose weight and regain good health.


Other key foot problems associated with obesity:


  • Changes in the size of your feet – being overweight can cause feet to ‘splay’ and become wider and the arch of the foot flatter. This is particularly evident in childhood. When you are young the bones in your body haven’t hardened so if a child is overweight the arch of the foot can flatten and cause a change in the whole structure of the foot. It is vital to wear a comfortable, well-fitting shoe. For those who do have wide feet it can be more challenging to find a shoe that fits, but there are increasing numbers of footwear brands which are offering wider fittings. Don’t try to squeeze your feet into narrow shoes which rub or pinch.
  • Gout – gout is a type of arthritis, it is caused by a build-up of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is a natural daily by-product made in the body when it breaks down chemicals in cells known as purines. It is usually excreted through the kidneys, but it can build up and form crystals in the joints which cause the pain and inflammation associated with gout. It can also cause progressive damage to joints. Common symptoms include severe pain and inflammation in one or two joints; it usually affects the base of the big toe. Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing gout.
  • Osteoarthritis – osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is caused by stress to the cartilage in the joints, which can result from injury or general wear and tear. Being overweight places increased pressure on the joints, particularly on your feet, which increases your chances of developing osteoarthritis. Symptoms include stiffness, pain and inflammation.
  • Type 2 Diabetes – being overweight makes you more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes, a condition where the body cannot produce enough insulin to function properly, or the body’s cells become insulin resistant. Diabetes can have a significant impact on your feet. It can result in nerve damage (neuropathy), where you lose the ability to feel certain sensations in the feet such as heat or pain, It can cause poor blood supply, which reduces the skin’s ability to repair when damaged, and it can also alter the body’s ability to fight infection. All of these factors can mean the feet are at a much greater risk of becoming infected and it is vital to check your feet regularly and go for regular foot checks with a podiatrist, GP or practice nurse.
  • Foot pain – being overweight causes a disturbance in the way you walk which can contribute to foot pain. The bones, muscles and tendons in your feet are not designed to carry excess weight so this puts strain on the foot which can result in tenderness, swelling and pain. All of the above conditions can cause foot pain, but other common problems associated with obesity which cause foot pain are:

o   Posterior tibial tendonitis – pain in the tendon that runs along the inside of the ankle and the foot

o   Plantar fasciitis – an inflammation in the thick ligamentous connective tissue that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot

o   Hindfoot arthritis – an inflammation in the back part of the foot


Having recently received an official recognition as Glasgow’s only fully accredited Podiatry Clinic, it’s clear that placing one’s feet in Canney’s care can only be a good thing; “As a podiatrist, I want to help people address and overcome any foot problems and pain they are experiencing so that they can stay as mobile as possible and experience a better quality of life. If you do experience painful feet on a regular basis, please don’t ignore it, there is nearly always something that can be done to help”.

More information on foot health, with free leaflets and tips can be found on The College of Podiatry’s website





Notes to Editors


The College of Podiatry is the academic authority for chiropody and podiatry in the UK, and an independent charity dedicated to feet health research, education and public awareness. It works closely with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists – the leading professional body for the UK’s registered chiropodists and podiatrists. In short, they’re the UK’s experts for everything and anything to do with feet. Podiatry is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other disorders of the feet.

For further information about the Foot Medic Podiatry Clinic please contact:

Ciaran Canney

Foot Medic Podiatry

29 Milngavie Road


Glasgow, East Dumbartonshire G61 2DW

E-mail address:




Phone:0141 5623082


For further information about The College of Podiatry and Feet for Life Month please contact:


Edie Barton-Harvey / Baldeep Chana


0118 475956 /


For all press enquiries re: Foot Medic, contact:
Jillian Canney 


M: +44 7856 043447 

Twitter: @FIXIBIZA

Facebook: Fixibiza



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BHS Logo_crop
  • Launch of Marisquería Salinas Menu

  • Lo Cura Lounge at We Love…Space dates announced

  • Souldrops confirms monthly residency



If there’s one thing those folks at the Boutique Hostal Salinas in Ibiza are known for, it’s for being fantastic multi-taskers. Hot off the back of their winning a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, Summer 2014 looks to be no exception to the BHS crew’s general rule with this week’s announcements of the brand new Marisquería Salinas menu launch and restaurant logo, the confirmed Lo Cura Lounge dates at We Love…Space plus the new monthly residency of one of Italy’s most recognised party organisations, Souldrops, together with some of their most reputable DJs as well as a number of Ibiza’s most revered original scene starters at the Boutique Hostal Salinas itself.

Since the hotel’s opening last month, the place has been privy to a steady influx of new and returning guests for sunny sleepovers as well as a continuous trail of island residents and visitors for dinner, cocktails, market mooching and, not to mention, party shenanigans.

Here’s what we’ve got for you this month!


Seafood and shellfish fans: loosen the buttons of your breeches; the new BHS chef, Angel Lopez Ares is proud to present his summer menu in the hotel’s new restaurant, Marisquería Salinas. Accompanying the new concept, the team have come up with a swanky new logo (attached) and have also divulged news of special dining days that any respectable foodie worth his Salinas salt should make a careful note of. As such, set Saturdays aside for a fine feed of Lobster & Chips at 30€ and Tuesdays for a grand Mariscada seafood selection, priced at 45€; two plates and two prices that compared with similar offers in other local establishments are just too good- not to mention tasty- to miss. Book your table now by calling Marisqueria Salinas on +971 308899. The restaurant is open daily from midday till the last diner downs his after-dinner-digestivo.

 DEFINITIVO Marisqueria2014


For the third consecutive summer, the BHS’ spin off project the Lo Cura Lounge is taking over El Salon at the We Love parties at Space Ibiza this summer. Following on from last summer’s stonkers, this season sees a total of eight dates to play with, each one promising a packed dance floor from 12.30-6am in the depths of one of Ibiza’s best clubs. Co-ordinator of said Lo Cura Lounge soirees and co-owner of the Boutique Hostal Salinas, David Phillips, is currently hard at work coming up with another fandabby selection of local and not so local talent to take over El Salon and all who sail in her, with names currently being bandied about including Daisy Heartbreaker, Andy Baxter, Jon Woodall, Jamie Fatneck Low, Richard Norris and Amp&Deck, amongst others. Dates confirmed are June 8th and 22nd, July 6th & 20th, August 17th & 31st and Sept 14th & 28th. Amongst plans in progress, the Lo Cura Crew will also be teaming up with one of Ibiza’s rockiest venues, Veto (Avenida de Agosto, Ibiza) for a clash of the mighty titans with one of Germany’s finest rockers, Stephan Weidner, ex leader of German group,  Böhse Onkelz and these days better known as Der W, stepping up to the Space controls to get the room rockin’.

 LO cura logo

Confirmed Line Up so far…

08 JUN

David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker. Jon Woodall

22 JUN

David Phillips, Jaime Fiorito, Richard Norris


David Phillips, Jamie Fatneck Low, Andy Baxter


David Phillips, Amp & Deck,

17 AUG

David Phillips, Brian Beezwax

31 AUG

David Phillips,

14 SEP

David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Stephan Weidner

28 SEP

David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Amp & Deck


Here’s a little taster to get you in the party mood:

And you can follow Lo Cura Lounge on here:



Aside from all the craziness that’s set for the Lo Cura lounge, back in the Boutique Hostal Salinas base camp, various other party happenings are afoot and currently being confirmed for the summer months.

Thursday 29th May is the first date to flag up when the BHS’ favourite Frenchies, DJ’s Bruno from Ibiza and Angel Cielo bring their Sunshine People back to the Boutique, with their first two events of the season celebrating the aforementioned resident DJ’s birthdays (first up, Angel’s and on the 5th June, Bruno’s) with both events promising to royally kick off another season of fun in the sun for those Sunshine boys.

Big fans of the Italian massive, the BHS recently launch the first of a new monthly get together, under the moniker of Souldrops and which brought two of Ibiza’s original party scene starters, Leo Mas and DJ Alfredo together to spin a showcase of some of the best music that our ears have been privy to in quite some time. . Together with Souldrops, the Shardana crew stepped up to help provide the eats and renowned Italian chef Fabrizio Contu joined forces with the BHS boys to serve up a superb selection of Sardinian vs. Galician tapas, alongside the location’s habitual menu. If you missed it, fret not; the second of such Italiano proceedings takes place on June 14th. Put simply, in the words of Phillips, “Top quality food, great company and a masterclass in playing amazing records, one after the other”. What’s not to like?!

And that’s not all…in news just in, Fridays have been confirmed for weekly Lo Cura Lounge get-togethers with David Phillips & Friends easing us ‘gently’ into the weekend. And by gently, we actually mean quite the opposite, if the parties these people normally throw are anything to go by. Friday 6th June, and every Friday thereafter, is the date for the diary for this one.




Sundays at the Boutique Hostal Salinas are all about the Once Upon a Time market, which takes place weekly from 3pm. Combining copious amounts of fashion, vintage style, crafts and hand made treasures, Once Upon a Time is the brainchild of Daniela Natale, Luana Biondi and Rouge LeDangerouge, three native Italians resident in Ibiza and more clued-up on what style means than most bods round here. We also strongly suggest that Sunday shoppers come early for a fish feast to get those energies up before sailing round the stalls. With resident DJ Daisy Heartbreaker and very special one off guests in charge of the shopping soundtrack expect all kinds of everything on the musical front, with a special nod to eras gone by, just the ticket to get your bargain-hunting juices flowing nicely. And talking of juices, do avail of a BHS Bloody Mary on your way round the stalls. For more info on the market and to book a stall, contact Daniela on +34 633 446 838.




Boutique Hostal Salinas is an eleven-room hotel situated directly behind perhaps Ibiza’s best -known beach of the same name. Since its establishment in 2009, the hotel has grown to become one of the most reputable on the island, known for its friendly staff and professional service, its events calendar and not to mention its location. The Boutique Hostal Salinas has featured in numerous magazines over its pretty short history, including the Sunday Times Top Ten Mediterranean Hotels (at #6) as well the same publication’s Best Beaches and 100 Best Hotels Guide and not to mention Conde Nast Traveller.

For room reservations, call 971 308899 and speak to Anita.

Find us on Trip Advisor:


For more information on all things Boutique Hostal Salinas related including reservations and room rates as well as the full events calendar, go to:

Tel: +34 971 30 88 99




For all press enquiries, please contact:

Jillian Canney














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  • Final preparations underway for the Derry Cathedral Quarter Vintage Weekend 2-4 May 2014

  • Tickets for the Tea Dance now on sale

  • Bedlam go bonkers on the special offers


With only days to go until this year’s Vintage Weekend as part of the Derry Jazz Festival, it’s full steam ahead in Derry’s Cathedral Quarter as organisers set the final pieces in place for the three day event which takes place from Friday 2nd– Sunday 4th May.

The launch of the celebrations on Friday 2nd May will take place in the Sandwich Co Diamond branch with the location’s first Vintage Tea Dance geared to kick off from 5pm -11pm on that same date. Visitors should also expect action on the evening in the outlet’s Bunker Room, part of the same Sandwich Co establishment and for those unfamiliar with the recently opened Bunker Room, a real treat is in store. Designed and decorated by local artist Domnall Starkie, and once the site of the renowned Corinthian Ballroom, the space possesses a retro feel unlike any other in the town with special touches including the original sewing stools from the Bishop Street Shirt factory as well as walls covered with Starkie’s unique representations of local Derry heroes.



On the night in question, a real combination of talents and tastes. From the lip-smacking High Tea provided by Sandwich Co Diamond and the black & white movie projections to the live band brought to the party by Jammhouse’s John Ross, namely Ursula & Co.’s mobile jazz club playing timeless classics, the scene will be smoothly set taking Tea Dancers on an enchanting musical journey and back to the romantic era of musical theatre, stage and silver screen.

From 6pm, local record shop owner and DJ, Ben Allen, whose store, AbbaZappa, is housed across the street in Bedlam, will provide the tea dance tunes, helped along later in the night by the Stray Kitten, recently returned to the town and ready for some rockabilly action to end the night.


Tickets for this part of the Vintage Weekend include the High Tea from 5-7pm and are priced at £10, now available from both Bedlam Pump Street and The Sandwich Co Diamond. For those who plan to start their night a little bit later, there is also the option to pay £5 cover charge at the door with the added ability to BYO Bottle of Wine.

On to Saturday 3rd and expect actual bedlam inside Bedlam as store holders ply the public with a plethora of special offers and inviting incentives to get vintage/retro/antique lovers worked up throughout the day. Amongst the delights in store, chances to win a vintage clothes & accessories hamper from Handbags & Gladrags, a crafty cushion class from Pretty Betty’s Treasures, a jazz themed book stack from Little Acorns Bookstore, kitsch kitchenalia from The Recovery Room and an original Pat Cowley painting from the Cowley-Cooper Fine Art Gallery. Meanwhile, in Family Jewels, store holder Gary Mc Nicholls is offering free valuations throughout the day on antiques, jewellery, militaria and paperwork, whilst next door in Healing Arts, Rowena Corner will be giving Head & Back Massages at massively reduced rates and in Ma’s Crafts and The Snug Tearoom, a chance to roll the dice, get it half price. Foyle Photo Gallery will also operate a ‘buy one, get one free’ policy whilst in AbbaZappa, customers will have a chance to walk away with a limited edition vinyl clock and record player amongst the goods up for grabs. In that same part of the building, the record decks will be open for budding DJs to step up and play their finest vinyl with Ben Allen and special guest, Rumble Club’s Hot Rod Todd, filling in any musical gaps.


Moving onto Sunday and it’s all about the Vintage/Retro/Antiques Fair in the Cathedral Quarter, where some 40 stalls will set up Portobello Road style albeit with a Derry accent, into the Pump Street courtyard. Having been privy to a special surprise earlier that weekend from Hansel & Gretel and its team of volunteers, expect a street bursting with life and colour, not to mention decoration! The fair will start at 12 o clock and will continue till 5.30pm with bargain hunters expected to turn out in their hundreds and thousands from early morn. An absolute must for any discerning lover of vintage, retro, crafts and antique lifestyle.

And in the earlier part of Sunday, whilst all that is going on outside, inside the Sandwich Co Diamond from 12.30pm to 2.30pm, The Jammhouse presents Caolan McLaughlin with John Ross & guests. Caolan has already had an abundant career full of tours, gigs and studio albums. Keyboard player for the great Bronagh Gallagher Band and co-writer on tracks from her last album, Caolan also plays guitar and bodhránthroughout his one-man shows. He’ll throw it all in, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Friendly Classics, and more…


In an extra exciting piece of news, one of the stars of the Derry Jazz Festival- Carmen Ghia, along with her Hot Rods, has confirmed a special appearance at the Vintage Fair on Sunday so market goers are advised to keep an eye out for the vintage bombshell as she swings through the fair.

Later that evening and in a fitting end to the weekend’s festivities, it’s all down to Sandino’s in Water Street where The Rumble Club take over the upstairs room with a spectacular performance guaranteed from same Carmen Ghia and the HotRods from 8pm. Assisting her in providing the soundtrack to the swingin’ evening, Rumble Club’s DJs Hot Rod Todd and Beatnik Dan will be joined by very special guest Jamboree Gerry Robinson. Tickets for this event are priced at £8, available now from Sandino’s.

RUMBLE club_JazzFest2014(6)(1)(1)(1)

All in all then, this is set to be one mighty fine weekend ahead, slotting in very smoothly with the Derry Jazz Festival in all its glory. Get your gladrags on; it’s time for the good, old times…

For more information and to purchase tickets for the Tea Dance Extravaganza on Friday 2nd May, contact:

Elayne McNicholl at Bedlam Pump Street, Tel: 07754859064

Or buy directly from The Sandwich Co Diamond

Tickets for the Tea Dance are priced at £10,including food and numbers are limited.


Graphic Design by Domnall Starkie

Useful links:




For all press & media enquiries, contact:

Jillian Canney



Tel: 07856 043 447

Twitter: @fixibiza

FB: Can Fix Ibiza









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  • Annual Vintage Weekend events confirmed between Friday 2nd May and Sunday 4th May

  • Bedlam Pump St & Sandwich Co Diamond unite for the Derry Jazz Festival festivities

  • Activities to include Tea Dance Extravaganza and Vintage & Antiques Fair


With the acclaimed Derry Jazz Festival round the very next corner, and on the back of the success of last year’s Cathedral Quarter Vintage & Antiques Fair, organisers of the latter event have announced details of the Vintage Weekend to take place between Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th May, 2014.

The three day event and all activities within is a collaboration between Derry’s only vintage/ retro/ antiques emporium, BEDLAM (Pump St.), and the city’s award winning eatery, THE SANDWICH CO, both of whom have decided that this year, they are taking things up a gear with a range of old style fun spread out over the weekend to tie in very nicely with the Derry Jazz Festival.


Starting from 5pm on Friday 2nd May, The Sandwich Co. Diamond is the location for the Tea Dance Extravaganza; an evening of music, dancing and, naturally, a High Tea included to get the energy levels up before hitting the dance floor in the venue’s recently opened Bunker Room. Tickets are now on sale for this event, priced at £10 and including High Tea plus all entertainment, are available from Bedlam and branches of the Sandwich Co. Swinging, literally, into action between 5pm- 11pm, expect a combo of live music as well as local DJs Ben Allen (AbbaZappa) and Derry’s prodigal daughter, the Stray Kitten amongst others.

On to the Saturday and it’s all about Bedlam, with a bombardment of spot prizes, discounts and offers all day long, taking place within the historical building that houses Bedlam and its numerous outlets. Getting in on the act, Gladrags and Handbags, Hansel & Gretel, Pretty Betty Treasures, AbbaZappa, Little Acorns Bookstore, the Recovery Room, Family Jewels, the Cooper-Cowley Gallery, Healing Arts, Ma’s Crafts and The Snug Tea Room, with all those responsible having come up with a plethora of shopping incentives to keep customers happy throughout the second day of the Vintage Weekend.


As for the final day of the weekend’s festivities, and with last year’s Vintage & Antiques Fair still fresh in the mind of many, it’s time for Round 2, with some 40 vintage, antique and crafts dealers from the length and breadth of Ireland already confirmed to fill up the Cathedral Quarter from early morning to early evening. Visitors are invited to start their browsing at The Sandwich Co Diamond where live music together with a cuppa and the best sandwiches in town should help ease one seamlessly into the mooching market mood. From there, through the courtyard to Pump Street and as far as the Cathedral car park, all kinds of everything from the antiques world await for the public’s perusing pleasure.


Vintage_Weekend_lores_backElayne Mc Nicholl, in charge of Bedlam’s input into the event said, “Last year we launched the first Cathedral Quarter Fair, together with Sandwich Co Diamond, Inner City Trust and the Culture Company and we were delighted to host almost 5,000 visitors. This year, we’re taking it to the next level with a full weekend of activities, from Friday’s Tea Dance to Sunday’s Vintage Fair There’ll be something for all tastes and pockets, we invite the public to hunt and haggle for their perfect hidden treasure! We hope that this event will be one of the sustaining legacies of the City of Culture, showing Derry/Londonderry’s spirit of getting creative and working together”.

As if that isn’t enough, The Rumble Club have also got in on the act, with a rockin’ rollin’ evening to take place at Sandinos, Water St on Sunday 4th from 8pm sharp. Headlining the event, derry Jazz Festival favourite Carmen Ghia & the Hot Rods will be joined by guest DJ Jamboree Gerry Robinson as well as Rumble Club regulars, Hot Rodd Todd and Beatnik Dan. With sounds swinging from rhythm&blues to rockabilly and everything in between, this is set to be a perfect end to a perfect weekend.

RUMBLE club_JazzFest2014(6)(1)(1)(1)

All in all, it’s a veritable fest of all things vintage, retro, antique and with the musical soundtrack that will accompany the three-dayer, things are looking good for this year’s Vintage Weekend. Think Portobello Road but with a Derry accent- you’d be a kerrazy old fool to miss it!



For more information and to purchase tickets for the Tea Dance Extravaganza on Friday 2nd May, contact:

Elayne McNicholl at Bedlam Pump Street, Tel: 07754859064

Or buy directly from The Sandwich Co Diamond

Tickets for the Tea Dance are priced at £10,including food and numbers are limited.


Graphic Design by Domnall Starkie

Useful links:



For all press & media enquiries, contact:

Jillian Canney



Tel: 07856 043 447

Twitter: @fixibiza

FB: Can Fix Ibiza





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Derry’s Prodigal Daughter returns to the Maiden City

Saturday 5th April sees the first of several DJ dates at Grand Central Bar

The Rumble Club also confirm Canney’s appearance on 12th April at The Glassworks



You can take the girl out of Derry but you can never take the Derry out of the girl. So much so, in fact, that after 18 long years based on the island of Ibiza, Maiden City native, PR professional and part time eclectic DJ Jillian Canney, also known as the Stray Kitten, has returned to her roots for once and for all.

Not long off the plane and like a cat on a hot tin roof, quick-off-the-mark Canney has already confirmed a series of DJ dates in the town under that very same aka of The Stray Kitten.

After an introductory gig at The Grand Central Bar at Christmas 2013, owner of the popular Derry watering hole, Rachael Eastwood, with a healthy push from the city’s Local Jukebox, David Doherty, offered the Stray Kitten a series of dates to keep her occupied from now until mid-June.

Starting this Saturday night, 5th April then, Canney can be found upstairs and/or downstairs of the Grand Central with full dates confirmed as follows: 5th April, 19th April, 17th May, 31st May and 14th June.


Asked to comment on her busy schedule, Canney said, “I *canny* wait! It’s great to be home and it’s great to be back at The Central. FYI I do do requests- send them straight to my FisBuk page, so I can get myself organised for this Saturday”.

But that’s not all the wee moggie has in store for Spring. In yet another re-appearance, she has also confirmed her return to the rockin’ rollin’ Rumble Club next Saturday 12th April at The Glassworks where, alongside the event’s main mean machines, Hot Rod Todd and Beatnik Dan, she plans to get the crowd shakin’ all over. For more info and to purchase tickets for this event, go to:

And not one to let the upcoming Derry Jazz Festival pass her by, wheels have also been set in motion to persuade the wanderer to get involved with the Vintage Weekender currently being organised by Bedlam and The Sandwich Co. More details on all of that in the very near future. Exciting stuff!

For the meantime, though, it’s all about this Saturday 5th April where the Stray Kitten promises an eclectic mix of all things rootin’, tootin’, jumpin’ and jivin’…


She’ll be seeing you there from 10bells till the kitty steps back into the shadows…


More useful Links:


For all bookings and press enquiries, please contact:

Jillian Canney



Tel: +44 7856 043 447



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BHS Logo_crop


The season starts at the Boutique Hostal Salinas, Saturday 5th April

Galicia comes to Ibiza with the BHS’ new restaurant concept

Once Upon a Time Sunday Market goes weekly

(CAN FIX/ Ibiza/Thurs 3rd April 2014)

With Spring upon us and Ibiza’s high season around the next corner, those formidable folk at the Boutique Hostal Salinas have announced the first details of their plans for the months ahead, kicking off with their 2014 opening, this Saturday 5th April.

Following close on the heels of the hotel’s recent appearance in the Sunday Times’ list of Top 50 Mediterranean Beach Hotels (with a highly admirable number 10 position!), and as per every year, the BHS team have slogged long and hard over the winter with renovations and preparations to make this summer one to remember, with the introduction of not only a full event agenda but also a brand new restaurant concept and menu.

Lets start with the Opening Do. This Saturday from 2pm and the doors swing wide open with some of Ibiza’s beloved resident DJs lining up to welcome the season in style with, amongst other shenanigans, a live radio broadcast from 4-8pm on Ibiza Sonica 95.2fm (not to mention a live streaming on Manhandling the decks throughout the day, We Love’s Big L sets standards high alongside Andy Baxter, Christian Len, Mark Canovas, Andy Wilson, David Phillips and Bruno from Ibiza.

On the culinary side of things, expect an insight into the hotel’s new menu, bringing a taste of Galicia to Ibiza’s shores- a marisquería serving the freshest fish and seafood and of course, for the carnivores, a selection of the finest meats on the market. This Saturday then, and the hotel’s owners are excited to introduce the two man team in charge of all things edible- Anxo Ares and José Manuel Pinaque – flown in especially from Santiago de Compostela in the aforementioned region of Northern Spain. Expect tongues to be wagging in all directions.


Straight off the back of that and starting as they mean to go on, midday on Sunday 6th April and the hotel’s team are going back to the future with the return of last season’s success story- the Once Upon a Time Market, already confirmed as a weekly event and with a profusion of artisans, local designers and vintage sellers coming together to seamlessly fuse art, fashion and musictaking over the hotel grounds till the sun sets over Salinas. With Daisy Heartbreaker on the fine tune selection and cocktails and snacks served throughout the day, the Once Upon a Time events became a regular fixture in every discerning fashionista’s diary last summer- this season, the Boutique Hostal Salinas are taking it to the next level with some 40 stallholders already confirmed. Mooching round a market- it’s what Sundays were made for.

Now, those familiar with the Boutique Hostal Salinas will also recognise the name of the team’s sister bar, Lo Cura, in Ibiza port, by now famed as an institution and currently undergoing something of a respite due to its own renovations. Lo Cura Lounge, however, a spin off of the favoured watering hole, already featured regularly on the We Love…Space programme last summer, becoming a key party point amongst Ibiza locals and tourists alike. The good news is that Lo Cura Lounge is back- not only at Space Ibiza but also as a regular feature on the hotel’s own events calendar, under the loving care of its creator, David Phillips.

Phillips, who in addition is one of three masterminds of the entire Boutique Hostal Salinas concept alongside partners Duesi Wolfmeir and Anita Dey, had this to say on all of the above: “With all the wild revelations that Spring in Ibiza is currently unveiling, we want to keep on rocking it in our own way- as a hotel, restaurant, lounge and party venue along with regular jaunts to our own room at Space”.


And talking of parties, it’s Aries season in Ibiza and God knows, there are a fair few of those starry-eyed types floating about, so much so that it’s become a bit of a thing with the island’s groovy groovesters. It’s fitting therefore that the same David Phillips and his ladybelle, Daisy Heartbreaker, both celebrate their birthdays this month, with shindigs confirmed at the hotel on 9th April (Daisy) and 16th April (Dave). Also in the pipeline for the coming season, those Sunshine People are set for a regular reappearance but more details on that and a host of other events coming up next time.

Just one more thing- and it’s rather a biggie! Boutique Hostal Salinas have confirmed the release, in May 2014, of their first, and long overdue, musical representation- a 3CD compilation, out on Seamless Recordings with CDs 1 + 2 mixed by BHS’ own David Phillips. CD 1 will focus on the Salinas Lounge sound typical of the hotel, described by Phillips as a collection of  ‘low slung, dubby disco meets movie themes and indie torch anthems’ whilst CD2 dances down a different road and celebrates 10 glorious years of the Lo Cura Bar, hugely reminiscent of a night out at Lo Cura Lounge at We Love…Space. Prepare for a veritable ‘Backroom Heaven leaning heavily towards a misspent youth dancing to Electro, Disco, New Wave, Punk, Techno and House music’. The Lo Cura brand is often associated with a certain strain of Ibiza hedonism- and this CD is certainly indicative of that.

Onto Cd3 and step up the PBR Streetgang, dear friends of the BHS trio and ones who have adopted the hotel as their spiritual home from home over the last years. Hotter than hot plates on the current scene right now, PBR promise an extra special mix to round off this, the first Boutique Hostal Salinas compilation.


For now though, it’s all about getting those final wheels in motion for the start of the 2014 season and the countdown is on. With only days to go, the Boutique Hostal Salinas team are putting the finishing touches to the preparations, ready for the influx of hotel guests and visitors that are set to grace the place from now to October.

You are most cordially invited to join them this coming weekend, the first of their summer season 2014.


For more details on the Opening, go to:


For more information on all things Boutique Hostal Salinas related including reservations and room rates as well as the full events calendar, go to:

Tel: +34 971 30 88 99




For all press enquiries, please contact:

Jillian Canney



Tel: +44 7856 043 447

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… Una noche de sorpresas & sustos, música & monstruos & diversión diabólica ...

Halloween, jueves 31 de octubre, 21,00 h

Ibiza Rocks House en Pikes Hotel


(FixIbiza/29Oct2013 )

Faltan solo dos días hasta la celebración de Halloween más divertida de Ibiza se arranca de nuevo. Hablamos de la fiesta VAMP,creado a medida para celebrar la tradición pagana este jueves 31 de octubre a partir de las 21,00h en el Ibiza Rocks House en Hotel Pikes.

Después del éxito de la primera edición de la fiesta hace un año, el equipo de VAMP prometen una noche de estremecedor y espeluznante locura y como en 2012, no se puede celebrar en ningún otro lugar sino en Pikes Hotel- sin duda la ubicación perfecta para una noche llena de miedo y fantasmas, con sus 400 años de historia, sus infinitas rincones escondidos y historia profunda.

Las organizadoras del evento, Jillian Canney (FIX Ibiza ) y Leanne Chilton (Ibiza Rocks) ya llevan tiempo preparando la sobredosis de magia que se acompane la fiesta de las brujas, con la ayuda de su caldero negro, ya llena de morbosa travesuras y hechizos picantes, su objetivo final de ‘trucar y tratar’ las criaturas nocturnas de Ibiza durante una noche inolvidable.


Al respecto a la banda sonora, los DJs BONES, STRAY KITTEN, DAVID PHILLIPS, MISS CHADDERS y STEF SWINGLER son los demonios a cargo de la pista de baile. El dúo SERENADE también se apareceran de las sombras con una actuación en directo, la música durante la fiesta basado en el tema de Halloween mezclado con un “todo vale si nos hace bailar’ política, ecléctica siempre siendo la clave en las fiestas de esta gente.

A partir de las 21,00 h, cuando las puertas de la ‘casa embrujada’ se abren y los primeros chillidos de miedo llenan la noche, las dos vampiras jefas se levantarán de sus criptas para dar la bienvenida  a la fiesta en verdadero estilo Halloween presentando, entre otras sorpresas miedosas, la Bañera de Sangre, donde se invita a los participantes a gritar, chillar y hasta cantar en el concurso de SCAREAOKE. Premio al mejor cantante…

Hablando de premios, también hay para los ganadores de los Mejores Disfraces de Halloween (disfraces siendo obligatoria en el evento). Vampiros, hombres lobo, brujas, hadas, demonios, diablos, espíritus, cambiaformas, fantasmas , zombies , monstruos ,momias y mynaeds son algunos de los personajes de Halloween que nos esperen este 31 octubre en Ibiza Rocks House en Pikes.


Con el concepto de Halloween muy en mente, espiritista britanica Lisa Chadderton (Garden of Light) llevará a cabo unas lecturas psíquicas privadas durante la noche. Un número limitado de ranuras de tiempo están disponibles para que Lisa te ponga en contacto con tus seres espirituales y celestiales o angeles de la guarda.  Se recomienda reservar turno, avisamos si te hace falta traductora.

En el jardín de los fantasmas, artista y residente en Ibiza, Andrea Pop Naif expondrá su serie de pinturas titulada SERES MITOLOGICOS Y SERES MITOFILMICOS’, una colección de cuadros pintados en acrilico y pintura bicapa, y que incluye figuras de mitologia como la Medusa o personajes mas modernos como Jack Nicolson en la pelicula de terror, El Resplandor.

A cargo de la iluminación y los efectos especiales por dentro y por fuera del hotel y sus jardines, los expertos en su campo,Aladdin Lights, están a bordo para ayudar a convertir este Halloween en una verdadera pesadilla en el Hotel Pikes. Propietario de Aladdin Lights, Simon Hall promete una gran variedad de trucos y sustos, luces, efectos especiales y imagenes recien laborados en su laboratorio secreto para la fiesta de VAMP.

Para los almas perdidos con hambre, VAMP presenta a Cook Ibiza, una empresa de catering conocido por Ibiza, que ofrece la opción de la Barbacoa Bestial, a partir de 10€ por cabeza. Con un menú muy a tono con el tema, el equipo de Cook Ibiza servirá un festín bien digno de los criaturas más espantosas desde las 21:00-23:00 h, con los mejores cortes de carne, a través de proveedores locales y acompañado con una selección de ensaladas y otras especialidades de Halloween. Se recomienda reserva previa.

Como último punto a tener en cuenta, y debido a la demanda del público, la estrella de la fiesta de la primera fiesta de VAMP,‘Maruja la Bruja’  también hará una visita de regreso a Pikes para Halloween, trayendo con ella una nueva incorporación a las actuaciones, su recién nacido HellBaby, hecho en una unión infernal con el mismo Satanás.

Todo eso, además de un conjunto de magia, música, arte, diversión más sangre, vísceras y el gore, un evento de miedo os espera desde las 21:00 hasta las últimos lamentos del hada maligna .

Los boletos de pre-venta ya están a la venta a 10 € y se recomienda para garantizar la entrada a la fiesta. El precio incluye un truco o trato, una poción magia y la promesa de una Halloween inolvidable..


*Trae tu propio Ajo / Calabaza/ Varita Mágica *


Jueves 31 de octubre, 21,00h


                                                                                  SAN ANTONIO


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IR House at Pikes master logo 20cm def

…a night of scary surprises, horrible hellbabies and freaky fun…

Thursday 31 October from 9pm

‘Slip out from the shadows, you creatures of the Ibiza night,
Halloween is creeping up and it’s not a pretty sight,
Ghosts and Ghouls, Spooks and Sprites,
Blood and Gore when this Vamp bites…’

After last year’s scarily successful party of the same time, Halloween ‘wildcard’, VAMP is back in black this Thursday 31st October for a night of toe-tingling, blood-curdling madness up at Ibiza’s favourite haunted house on the hill, the 400 year old finca that is Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel.


As per last year, organisers of the Halloween extravaganza Jillian Canney (FIX Ibiza) and Leanne Chilton (Ibiza Rocks) are pulling out the stops, diving head first into their cast iron cauldron of morbid mischief and saucy spells, their ultimate goal to trick and treat Ibiza’s naughtiest nocturnal creatures to a Halloween they may never forget.

Providing the spooky soundtrack throughout the night, DJs BONES, STRAY KITTEN, DAVID PHILLIPS, MISS CHADDERS and STEF SWINGLER are the demons in charge of the dancefloor.  Local duo SERENADE will also be creeping out of the shadows for a live (as opposed to undead) performance very much based on the event’s central theme of Halloween. All of the above combined and plenty of opportunity to bust one’s monster moves on the dancefloor.

Amongst other scary surprises being concocted for the party, beware of the Bloody Bathtub, where guests are invited to scream, shriek and even sing the night away in the SCAREOKE competition. Prize for the best crooner…


Talking of prizes, Head Vamps Jill and Leanne will also be dishing out a few of those along the course of the evening for the best Halloween costumes, fancy dress pretty much obligatory for this particular party. Think vampires, werewolves, witches, faeries, demons, devils, spirits, shapeshifters, ghouls, ghosts, zombies, monsters, mummies, and mynaeds but don’t be scared, any other variety of spooky/inventive/topical/comedy fancy dress get up is welcome to join in the manky mix.

Keeping up the Halloween spirit, literally, local spiritualist and medium Lisa Chadderton (Garden of Light) will be conducting a series of one-on-one psychic readings throughout the evening. A limited number of time slots are available for booking and reservations are recommended.


In charge of lighting and special effects in and around the hotel and its grounds, island experts, Aladdin Lights are back on board to help turn this Halloween into a veritable Nightmare on Pike St. Man behind that particular operation, Simon Hall promises an assortment of tricks and treats to make you turn in your grave.

As far as fodder goes, organisers have another bonus lined up for their gory guests with local catering company, Cook Ibiza stepping up to provide a Halloween BBQ with a difference at an additional cost of 20€ per head. With a menu very much in keeping with the theme, the Cook Ibiza team will be serving up a feast fit for the most bloodthirsty of critters from 9pm-11pm, with a selection of the finest cuts of meat, all sourced from local suppliers and accompanied by a selection of salads and other yummy Halloween treats. Advance booking is recommended.


As a final point to note, and due to public demand, last year’s Star of the Halloween Show, The Gnarly Witch will also make a return visit to Pikes for Halloween, bringing with her a new addition to the proceedings, the HellBaby, offspring of the Gnarly one and spawned by Satan himself. Devilled Eggs, if you will…

All that, plus a whole lot more blood, guts and gore; a monster mash from 9pm till the last banshee wails.

Tickets are now on sale at 10€ and prior purchase is recommended for guaranteed entry. Price includes a trick or treat, a witch’s sup and a bloody good night out.

BYO Garlic/Stake/Magic Wand





Still not scared enough? With the Ibiza family spirit in mind, we also suggest a quick stop off at Bar Grial this Halloween for a bit of Colin Peters before heading to the Boutique Hostal Salinas from 5am where the Halloween celebrations continue till God Knows What Time…


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VIERNES 11 OCTUBRE 2013, 16,00h – 04,00h


Art + Música fusionado por la Synesthesia

(Comunicado de Prensa / FIX IBIZA / 8 Oct 2013)

MIentras el verano en Ibiza viene a su fin, hay una fiesta más que merece la pena asistir. Hablamos de DJ ICONS – una celebración de la historia de la música house a través de un asombroso exposición de arte presentado por el artista holandés, Bo Woody Winter y que tendrá lugar este viernes 11 de octubre en el precioso hotel rural , Agroturismo Atzaró , en el norte de la isla de Ibiza.

Durante las últimas semanas , las expectativas para el evento han llegado a nuevas alturas, con las noticias sobre el avance de las obras de arte llegando diariamente a través de las redes sociales desde un estudio en las profundidades de Holanda. Las 20 piezas de arte innovadoras y pioneras pretenden representar los DJs  más creíbles y influyentes de la industria de la música house , por lo menos como se ve a través de los ojos del artista Bo Woody Winter.

Wim Van Zon, productor del evento y un líder y experto en el mundo de la música en los Países Bajos,  tambien comisario del North Sea Jazz Festival dijo que el equipo de Close Up Art esta muy emocionado ante la perspectiva de poner en marcha la exposición en la isla. “No sólo vamos a exponer los retratos de los DJ ICONS hechos por Winter, sino también vamos a estrenar unos nuevos conceptos de arte que hemos desarrollado. La exposición,  las instalaciones con luces de neón y las imágenes de Bo, fundidas en brillo líquido promete ser un estreno impresionante . El programa de software FX Synesthesia desarrollado por Tim Groote, será una extensión de los DJ ICONS que sin duda sorprenderá a todos los asistentes de la fiesta. Creemos que este ambiente que ha creado Bo cabrá perfectamente en Ibiza.”

The Big Picture: 

Organizado por Close Up Art – un club privado de aficionados al arte puesto en marcha por Bo Woody Winter y Wim Van Zon, este es un evento que promete acabar con el verano en una manera inolvidable. No hay duda de que esta colección de pinturas de DJ Icons junto con las luces de neón  y espectáculo de efectos especiales SYNESTHESIA FX 3D por el Centre -Lights y Ginvi, la pasarela , el presentación del concepto de arte ‘brillo líquido’ más la banda sonora de puro música house, juntos una fusion con toda la pinta de un evento inolvidablecon una explosión del arte y 3D FX, acompañado por algunos de los mejores DJs internacionales, todos amantes de la música house.

Pero son los retratos de los Dj ICONS que forman el enfoque principal de este evento ,  los 20 cuadros que miden desde 1.40mx1m a 3mx1.40m , todos a la vista en de la galería y los jardines de Atzaró .


En cuanto la música programada para la fiesta por los organizadores, Close Up Art, están encantados de confirmar que, además del pionero de house de Holanda, Dimitri Kneppers, se ha confirmado el original ‘party- starter’ de Ibiza: Alfredo Fiorito, un hombre que puede ser reconocido como el catalizador de toda la movida Ibicenca, ya que allá por el ’89 , cuando unos jovenes que incluyo Danny Rampling , Nicky Holloway y Paul Oakenfold se enfrentaban por la primera vez en con el fenomeno ‘Balearic Beat’ en el medio de la pista de la discoteca Amnesia, Alfredo detras de los platos.

Ademas de estos dos individuos muy respetados , los DJs Joan Ribas (de Ibiza, un maestro de su oficio y muy respectado por la isla), Sarah Main (DJ Residente de la isla y conocido por el mundo mundial), Eli Rojas (DJ Residente del Blue Marlin) y DJ Pat (una figura importante del mundo  de funky/soul en su país natal, Holanda).


En resumen :

Los principales elementos del evento de Bo Woody Winter, DJ  Icons en Atzaró, este viernes 11 octubre son:


• 20 retratos de los DJ iconos internacionales, que varían en tamaño desde 1.40x1m a 3mx1.40m, a la venta

• 16 instalaciones de neón y gloss líquidos en pinturas  que miden1.20mx1.60mx10cms . Centre- Lights y Ginvi son los creadores de este método innovador de arte ,  y se dará una breve descripción de su proceso creativo durante el evento.

• 3 ‘Ondas Sonoras , 1.20mx1.40mx1.20m

•Litografias de las pinturas, también a la venta



Llevando su arte a la pasarela , Bo Woody Winter utiliza el cuerpo humano como lienzo , añadiendo un elemento más a su arte y prometiendo un espectaculo vivo, un instalación de arte como ningún otro.


Con la ayuda de su programa de software ‘Sinestesia 3D’,es la sincronicidad creativa entre la música y el arte, un espectáculo sonoro y visual que representa perfectamente el concepto de Winter.  Como previa del evento de Ibiza, la muestra de la fusión creativa se presentó recientemente en el Recycle Lounge, un exposición que se realizaba en Amsterdam este 28 de septiembre , que ha generado mucho interés por parte de ambos el público y las medias holandeses.


DJs confirmados :

• Dimitri Kneppers

• Alfredo Fiorito,

• Joan Ribas

• Sarah Main

• Eli Rojas

• DJ Pat

On Facebook:

Event Partners:



Más información / imágenes de alta resolución, solicitudes y acreditación: 

Jillian Canney 


M: +34 645909098


Twitter: @FIXIBIZA

Facebook: FixIbiza / Jillian Canney Etc

Skype: Jillian Canney


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BO WOODY WINTER + CLOSE UP ART present ‘DJ ICONS’ at ATZARO, IBIZA, FRI OCT 11, 2013: Art + Music meets Synesthesia




FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER 2013, 4pm-4am


Art + Music meets Synesthesia


(Press Release/FIX IBIZA/ 4 OCT 2013)

As another Ibiza summer comes gracefully to a close, there is still one more party on the agenda that should not be missed. We are talking about DJ ICONS – a celebration of the history of house music through an astonishing 25 piece art exhibition presented by celebrated Dutch artist, Bo Woody Winter and confirmed to take place on Friday 11 October at the gorgeous rural hotel, Agroturismo Atzaró, in the north of the island of Ibiza.

Over the past weeks, expectations for the event have started to reach new heights, with news on the progression of the paintings embedded in neon and liquid gloss filtering through the social networks from a studio somewhere in the depths of Holland. The 25 innovative and groundbreaking art pieces aim to portray the most credible/influential DJ figures in the house music industry, at least as seen through artist Bo Woody Winter’s eyes.

Wim Van Zon, producer of the event and a leading art and music expert in the Netherlands, said the Close Up Art team was excited at the prospect of launching the exhibition on the island. “Not only will the portraits with Winter’s unique synesthesia be shown, but also new concepts that we have developed. In the exhibition the first installations with neon and Bo’s images, cast in liquid gloss, will be a stunning premiere. And the synesthesia FX software program that Tim Groote has developed will be an extension of the Icons at the party that will surprise all visitors. The whole atmosphere Bo has created will fit Ibiza beautifully.”

The Big Picture: An event touching all senses

Organised by Close Up Art -a members-only club of art aficionados that has Bo Woody Winter and Wim Van Zon, curator of the North Sea Jazz Festival Art Show, at its helm- this is an event that promises to see out the summer in a colourful explosion of spectacular art, eye-boggling 3D light FX and a line up of some of the finest names in the house music world.

But it is Bo Woody Winter’s impressive collection of portraits that form the focal point of this event, with his 20 representations of the world’s most influential DJs ranging in size from 1.40m x1m to 3.20m x1.40m, all sprawling across the Gallery and grounds of Atzaro.

There is no doubt that this collection of DJ Icons combined with the additional neon/light and special effects spectacle, catwalk show, presentation of the liquid gloss art concept plus pure house music all fusing together for a 3D SYNESTHESIA FX provided by Centre-Lights and Ginvi, a definite first for Ibiza and shaping up to be one heck of a party.


As far as the music is concerned, and bearing in mind that this event is a celebration of House Music through the years, organisers Close Up Art are delighted to confirm that, as well as Holland’s clubbing pioneer, Dimitri Kneppers, Ibiza’s original party-starter, Alfredo Fiorito is also confirmed to DJ at the event at Atzaro. Here is a man who can be credited as the catalyst of the entire Ibiza clubbing scene, since way back in ’89, when the likes of Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway and Paul Oakenfold first stumbled across his Balearic sound in the middle of Amnesia one very fateful night.

Joining these two revered individuals, Ibiza’s own Joan Ribas, a master of his craft and a much respected DJ figure on the island, Sarah Main, long time Pacha Resident and island darling, Eli Rojas, DJ Resident at Blue Marlin and DJ Pat, a well known and respected name on the funky scene back in his homeland of Holland.



·      20 portraits of international DJ Icons, ranging in size from 1.40x1m to 3mx1.40m, available for purchase

·      8 liquid gloss and neon installations on paintings up to 3.50 metres, available for purchase. Centre-Lights and Ginvi, creators of this innovative method of creating art, will give a brief description of their creative process

·      2 ‘sound wave’ objects, 1.20mx1.40mx1.20m

·      Art prints of the paintings, also available for purchase.



Taking his art to the catwalk, Bo Woody Winter uses the human form as a canvas, adding another element to his art and promising a living, breathing art installation like no other.


With the aid of the 3D Synesthesia software program, this is creative synchronicity at its finest as music and Bo Woody’s art fuse seamlessly providing both an aural and visual spectacle perfectly representing Winter’s concept. The trial showcase of the creative fusion was presented recently at the Recycle Lounge party/exhibition in Amsterdam on September 28th, generating much interest from public and press alike.


DJs confirmed:

·      Dimitri

·      Alfredo Fiorito,

·      Joan Ribas

·      Sarah Main

·      DJ Pat

·      Eli Rojas


To see the Catalogue:

and click ‘volledig scherm’

On Facebook:

Event Partners:



For press accreditation/hi-res images/full catalogue+prices and any other info:

Jillian Canney 



Twitter: @FIXIBIZA

Facebook: FixIbiza / Jillian Canney Etc

Skype: Jillian Canney


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