BO WOODY WINTER + CLOSE UP ART present ‘DJ ICONS’ at ATZARO, IBIZA, FRI OCT 11, 2013: Art + Music meets Synesthesia




FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER 2013, 4pm-4am


Art + Music meets Synesthesia


(Press Release/FIX IBIZA/ 4 OCT 2013)

As another Ibiza summer comes gracefully to a close, there is still one more party on the agenda that should not be missed. We are talking about DJ ICONS – a celebration of the history of house music through an astonishing 25 piece art exhibition presented by celebrated Dutch artist, Bo Woody Winter and confirmed to take place on Friday 11 October at the gorgeous rural hotel, Agroturismo Atzaró, in the north of the island of Ibiza.

Over the past weeks, expectations for the event have started to reach new heights, with news on the progression of the paintings embedded in neon and liquid gloss filtering through the social networks from a studio somewhere in the depths of Holland. The 25 innovative and groundbreaking art pieces aim to portray the most credible/influential DJ figures in the house music industry, at least as seen through artist Bo Woody Winter’s eyes.

Wim Van Zon, producer of the event and a leading art and music expert in the Netherlands, said the Close Up Art team was excited at the prospect of launching the exhibition on the island. “Not only will the portraits with Winter’s unique synesthesia be shown, but also new concepts that we have developed. In the exhibition the first installations with neon and Bo’s images, cast in liquid gloss, will be a stunning premiere. And the synesthesia FX software program that Tim Groote has developed will be an extension of the Icons at the party that will surprise all visitors. The whole atmosphere Bo has created will fit Ibiza beautifully.”

The Big Picture: An event touching all senses

Organised by Close Up Art -a members-only club of art aficionados that has Bo Woody Winter and Wim Van Zon, curator of the North Sea Jazz Festival Art Show, at its helm- this is an event that promises to see out the summer in a colourful explosion of spectacular art, eye-boggling 3D light FX and a line up of some of the finest names in the house music world.

But it is Bo Woody Winter’s impressive collection of portraits that form the focal point of this event, with his 20 representations of the world’s most influential DJs ranging in size from 1.40m x1m to 3.20m x1.40m, all sprawling across the Gallery and grounds of Atzaro.

There is no doubt that this collection of DJ Icons combined with the additional neon/light and special effects spectacle, catwalk show, presentation of the liquid gloss art concept plus pure house music all fusing together for a 3D SYNESTHESIA FX provided by Centre-Lights and Ginvi, a definite first for Ibiza and shaping up to be one heck of a party.


As far as the music is concerned, and bearing in mind that this event is a celebration of House Music through the years, organisers Close Up Art are delighted to confirm that, as well as Holland’s clubbing pioneer, Dimitri Kneppers, Ibiza’s original party-starter, Alfredo Fiorito is also confirmed to DJ at the event at Atzaro. Here is a man who can be credited as the catalyst of the entire Ibiza clubbing scene, since way back in ’89, when the likes of Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway and Paul Oakenfold first stumbled across his Balearic sound in the middle of Amnesia one very fateful night.

Joining these two revered individuals, Ibiza’s own Joan Ribas, a master of his craft and a much respected DJ figure on the island, Sarah Main, long time Pacha Resident and island darling, Eli Rojas, DJ Resident at Blue Marlin and DJ Pat, a well known and respected name on the funky scene back in his homeland of Holland.



·      20 portraits of international DJ Icons, ranging in size from 1.40x1m to 3mx1.40m, available for purchase

·      8 liquid gloss and neon installations on paintings up to 3.50 metres, available for purchase. Centre-Lights and Ginvi, creators of this innovative method of creating art, will give a brief description of their creative process

·      2 ‘sound wave’ objects, 1.20mx1.40mx1.20m

·      Art prints of the paintings, also available for purchase.



Taking his art to the catwalk, Bo Woody Winter uses the human form as a canvas, adding another element to his art and promising a living, breathing art installation like no other.


With the aid of the 3D Synesthesia software program, this is creative synchronicity at its finest as music and Bo Woody’s art fuse seamlessly providing both an aural and visual spectacle perfectly representing Winter’s concept. The trial showcase of the creative fusion was presented recently at the Recycle Lounge party/exhibition in Amsterdam on September 28th, generating much interest from public and press alike.


DJs confirmed:

·      Dimitri

·      Alfredo Fiorito,

·      Joan Ribas

·      Sarah Main

·      DJ Pat

·      Eli Rojas


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Jillian Canney 



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