Mini Markers switch this year’s edition of Urban in Ibiza ON!

Inkie & Fin Dac get ready for tomorrow’s live paint at Ibiza Rocks

Thursday’s signature event at Atzaró set to be bigger than ever


(FIX/ IBIZA/30 JULY 2013) :  As the fifth edition of Urban in Ibiza swung into action this morning at Atzaró with the return of the Mini Markers Kids Workshop, it’s full steam ahead for organiser and art curator Paul Dizzi Saunders who, along with his loyal team, is up to his eyeballs preparing the last details for both tomorrow’s live paint at Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Thursday’s annual signature showstopper at Atzaró  Rural Hotel. And that’s just this week…There’s also the mammoth Ocean Beach Club event to think about on 23 August.

For those who love their urban art, music and fashion, this year’s event really is an unmissable exhibition of all three, a gathering of some of the scene’s most talented street artists, musicians and designers. And in this the fifth edition of the urbanfest, organisers are raising the bar even higher, bringing in the American contingent and the exclusive works of  Shephard Fairey (Obey Giant), Chad Muska, Bam Margera and on site to present it, photographer and curator, John Tracy. His show, ‘SK8 ART ST‘ is a skateboarding / street art concept which takes a long look at skate culture and the transformation of skate related objects and paraphernalia into functional and fine artworks.


Aside from the Americanos, expect a long list of art and artists including several old faithfuls and a number of young newbie’s, quite a few of whom are touching down on the island as we speak for the annual gathering. To date, this year’s Urban in Ibiza will feature the works (and many of them exclusively) via London’s Westbank Gallery of Banksy, David Walker, Mau Mau, Fin Dac, Inkie, Snik, Schoony, Ben Allen, Dan Kitchener aka DANK, Jim Vision, Ben Slow, Henry Hate, Pure Evil, Rowan Newton, My Dog Sighs, Kristian Hornsleth, K Guy, Goldie, Nick Walker, Ryan Callanan aka RYCA, Milo, Copyright, Gemma Compton, Jim Starr, Elmo Hood, Lauren Baker, Chapter, Zeus, Nicolas Dixon, Sequin Kay, Adam Bricusse .


As per every edition, Urban in Ibiza loves getting the kids involved.  Starting them young, today’s ‘MINI MARKERS’ Workshop, held in the shady groves of Atzaró had UK artists Inkie and Chapter get involved showing the juniors how it’s done, with almost 30 children getting stuck in to a group paint as well as producing their own individual canvases/masterpieces for the mantelpiece.


In a new addition to this year’s Urban in Ibiza, world famous tattoo artist, Neil Ahern, a man who has both tattooed and been tattooed by Kate Moss, not to mention his dog, Scratch (true story, his dog did tattoo him), is bringing the art of tattoo to Urban. And not before time. Bringing Inkadelic to Atzaró, the human skin is his canvas and Ahern’s faultless work brings another splash of colour and talent to this edition of Urban in Ibiza.


On the catwalk and it just got very exciting with Belgian designer and winner of the ‘Premium Young Designer Award 2013’ at Berlin Fashion Week, urban fashion designer Tom Van der Borght showcasing his AW 13/14 collection ‘Aponycalypse’. Tom’s wild creations are the missing pieces of the Urban In Ibiza puzzle for 2013, we kid you not. Bursting with colour, creation and originality, so good we might want to hang his unique creations in the Urban in Ibiza gallery!


 IMG_7520-1White Ibiza are also on board as far as the fabric is concerned. Bringing sexy cool to the catwalk, get ready for this summer’s hottest swimwear styles, echoing Ibiza’s eclectic yet chic style stakes…

Music, we got it sorted. Fresh off the plane, Benji Boko is back at Urban, and the English DJ/Producer is back again to get our bootays shakin’ all over with his kooky remixes and energetic hip hop mash up music. He’s joined by MC Carpetface and DJs Samir, Yuniq, GianLuca de Tiberiis and Tony Montana. Extra good news on the music front, with Atzaró’s extended licencing hours meaning that we can make sweet urban music until 4a.m for the first time in Urban’s history at the gorgeous rural hotel hideaway.


Before Thursday’s madness ensues, however, it’s another first for the crew when Urban in Ibiza makes a little stop off tomorrow evening at the Ibiza Rocks hotel in San Antonio, where artists Fin DAC and Inkie will undertake a live paint to the tune of this week’s Ibiza Rocks headliners, Chase & Status.

That’s definitely ‘more than a lot’ to be getting on with…


So. To sum up. Art- Fashion- Music; a brilliant celebration of Urban Lifestyle on the island of Ibiza.

Urban in Ibiza 5: Sons of Warhol have landed…



31st JULY: Live Paint @ Ibiza Rocks Hotel

1st August: URBAN IN IBIZA 5 @ Atzaró

1st– 8th August: URBAN IN IBIZA Exhibition continues @Atzaró Gallery

23rd August: URBAN IN IBIZA @ Ocean Beach Club




Urban in Ibiza  Webpage

Urban in Ibiza on Facebook

Mini Markers: https://www.facebook.com/events/687719064576633/

Tom Van der Borght: http://tomvanderborght.com/wp/?album=mixed

Benji Boko: https://soundcloud.com/benjiboko


About Atzaró:

Atzaró Hotel is a gorgeous rural hotel located just outside of Santa Eulalia in the North East of Ibiza in the middle of the countryside inbetween Santa Eulalia town and the San Juan road. The actual address is Agroturismo ATZARó Ibiza, Crta San Juan km15, 07840, Santa Eulalia, Islas Baleares, Spain.


Tel+ 34 971 33 88 38 – Fax: + 34 971 33 16 50

Email: agroturismo@atzaro.com

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