Urban Spaces Art Hotel Open for Business!



The interactive art project cum boutique hotel, located in Ibiza Town, ready for its first summer

Artists on board include Inkie, Lauren Baker, Fin DAC, Jerom Ibiza, Hosh, Nicolas Dixon, Raul Moya, Mikey Brain, Chapter, Solo and Lauren Baker

(FIX Ibiza,18 June 2013): Freedom of expression and maximum impact, two concepts that immediately spring to mind on an exploration of Ibiza’s latest colourful addition- the Urban Spaces Art Hotel. Cunningly disguised as an art project and located in the epicentre of Ibiza Town, the fifteen-room boutique hotel swings open its very colourful doors just in time for a scorcher of a summer, and word on the street has it that this is the place to be in Ibiza 2013.

The idea behind the hotel is one that owner, Ira Francis-Smith, had been mulling over for quite some time, having been inspired by a similar project in The Carlton Arms Hotel in New York a number of years ago. Francis- Smith rightly decided that it was time Ibiza produced a masterpiece of the same calibre, and with the help of Urban Art expert and director of the Westbank Gallery London, Paul Dizzi Saunders, alongside street art pioneer, Inkie, Urban Spaces Art Hotel was born.

Here’s a place set slap bang opposite the World Heritage site of the Necropolis Punica, its open air rooftop providing striking views of the ancient walls of Dalt Villa, the old port, the University in the beautiful old military building and the hills of Can Mut in the distance.  The hotel’s location in itself provides an interesting contrast between the old and the new and this is definitely a new concept in tourism with a focus on hospitality and service and a desire to make every guest’s stay the first of many.

The Grand Tour

On arrival at the front entrance of Urban Spaces Art Hotel, prepare to be greeted by the work of one of the U.K’s most renowned street artists– Tom Bingle, better known as Inkie, whose signature style, coined ‘Ink Nouveau’, is a theme that runs throughout the hotel; the Bristol-based artist has also transformed one of the top floor master suites and several other Inkie references are dotted around the building.

Step through that same front door and it’s a veritable explosion of biomorphic shapes and vivid colours that span the walls freshly painted by Leeds artist Nicolas Dixon. From there on in, and taking the entirety of the building as one giant blank canvas, aforementioned Dixon and Inkie together with Lauren Baker, Fin Dac, Jerom Ibiza, Mikey Brain, Hosh, Philth, False, N4T4, Solo, Tito Arteria, Chapter, False, William Worrell, Posh Fruit, Alessia Avellina, Yas Mina, Code, Zsar andRaul Moya have all stepped up and contributed to the creation of what is already being hyped as the coolest new hotel hotspot in Ibiza. Each room different, each space encompassing a different concept, a different artist, a different style…


As a small hotel, innovation is the key in the hotel’s approach to the guests, and that in mind, competing with the bigger hotels by providing a unique services menu, including flight check-in, flight change and bag packing services, pas well as some some cheeky items on the room service menu (fancy dress and loveboxes amongst them) that you simply just don’t find in your average hotel.

As far as the design concept, the island’s ecology is key at Urban Spaces with the recycling and reconstituting of materials where possible and the usage of local vendors and products being employed at all times throughout the building process.

Being so ecologically aware, Francis’ is also adamant that the location of the hotel means dictates that he is, extremely conscious of the surrounding residents”. He goes on, “My desire for harmony also extends to that of the surrounding residents on Via Punica. With that in mind, I’m going to be using sound dampening techniques, partnered with decibel limiters and silent disco technology to try and keep the neighbourhood happy with what we have.”


On the ground floor of Urban Spaces, a different space, this is the place to fill your face. StrEAT is the hotel’s bar/restaurant, serving up a selection of street food from around the globe, eat in or take away and with the option to be washed down by one of our specially concocted cocktails,in a concept overseen by Charles Vexenat, of Bar 1805 fame.  Pull up a pew in our back yard, freshly decorated by Dixon and Lauren Baker and seriously, just take five…

StrEAT Parties

No stranger to Ibiza, Francis and his team’s faces are well known on the circuit and as a result, guests at the hotel can expect a number of off-the-cuff events taking place throughout the summer, with talks currently underway with a number of international and local DJs and artists in the run-up to the season.

Indeed, before the Hotel’s doors even opened, French radio station, Pink City Beats in a collaboration with Bohemia Ibiza already set up shop twice inside the hotel with two live stream broadcasts.

And this is just the start…An idea born from a dream, an art project constantly in evolution, a boutique hotel ready to roll, Urban Spaces Art Hotel is a destination fuelled, so says Francis-Smith, by ‘Kismet; it’s organic, ever changing- and it’s going to be a great summer!”

Urban Spaces. Art Project. Boutique Hotel. Fun Destination.

Via Punica, 32


For more info on Room Tariffs and Availability, contact:

email: info@urbanspacesibiza.com

Tel: +34 871 517 174


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