The Changing FACE OF IBIZA- an interview with Baby Marcelo


*interview first published in Blue Marlin Magazine, July 2012

Many years ago, at some hazy point in my own Ibiza initiation working in the hotspot that was/is the Port of Ibiza, I came face to face- or rather face to knee- with one rather imposing looking character pounding down the street, looming above me on his stilts, cackling and screeching like a proper banshee, dressed in full extravagant regalia, face painted like that perfect poster image he so embodied-literally- as the image of La Troya Asesina, and leader of the procession for the infamous club night of the same name.  If I tell you the truth, he scared the life out of me that night and chicken that I am, I steered pretty clear from then on in.

He was Baby Marcelo.  Born in Bari, Italy, he is one of the most emblematic characters on the island of Ibiza since he first arrived with a bang some eighteen years ago. From his role in ‘La Vaca’ in the days of Ku to his creation of ‘Los Monstruos’, a performance group that symbolized Privilege for a long time, to becoming the image of’La Vaca Asesina’ in the wonder years to taking it a step further and running and starring in his own international party, now in its fourth year at Privilege- The Face of Ibiza.

Fast forward to the present, and the same guy is sitting in front of me now, in shorts and t-shirt, make up free, calm and healthy, glowing skin and smiling the most beautiful smile…this is the real Face behind the mask, and I’m no longer scared…

I’m looking at the real you! And you look great, so healthy?!

Thank you! I’m really looking after myself these days, doing a lot of sport, mediation, developing my creativity. I’ve just spent my first winter in Ibiza and it’s inspired me greatly and helped me to feel even closer to the island.  It’s been great for me in many ways to have my winter base here, at the same time as I’m travelling a lot, taking ‘The Face of Ibiza’ party around the world.

 Do you feel somewhat of an ambassador for the island, vis a vis the rest of the world?

Yes, I honestly do feel that. Ibiza is my stage, my other world… I feel such a part of the island.  Apart from the fact that I feel I bring the essence of Ibiza all over the world, I’ve also participated in many other promotional activities with international press and media. I always try to transmit that true essence of the island when I’m working, both on and off the island.

Describe that essence for us.

Ibiza is a great big stage of freedom, an alternative way, a grand theatre, a place where people can feel- for the most part- totally free. A mixture of people, different races, ways of thinking, skin colour, social class, language, sexuality. That mixture is what makes the party.

Being The Face of Ibiza

Calling our party by that name was in itself representative of the island. For many years, my face was the one that people remembered from Ibiza, being that it was a constant and unchanging image on the island for many years with La Troya Asesina.  The difference is now, I not only literally am the image of The Face of Ibiza, I’m also the event organiser, together with DJ Oliver.

Do you prefer it now, that the image of The Face is one that is not so constant?

Yes. It’s more enjoyable that way, and I always need to keep changing. This year at Privilege, we’ll use the same image as a base but with a different style, another face, one that perhaps is a bit more sado-masochistic but always with a sense of fun.  It will be called Sadomouse, and will also be a lot more ‘rock’.

The Face of Ibiza rocks?

Yes. Rock is in my soul, in my way of expression. I take inspiration from Jim Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Kiss… that sense of provocation that they portrayed on stage is what I try to portray on mine.

What else does The Face of Ibiza represent?

Many things, many different sides…these days, I’m a little bit sweeter… The Face is more baby, more doll… but the kind of doll that can also give you the creeps, make you a little bit afraid, again, a game between the childlike and the provocative.

Because every doll is said to have a dark side, maybe?

Exactly… Also, The Face of Ibiza is a little bit clownesco. The circus, the world of Fellini, the great English mime artist  Lyndsey Kemp, who was coincidentally David Bowie’s teacher – all of them great inspirations for me. Now, when I put on my mask, my real face behind it, my costume, my stilts, well, it’s then that I can do whatever I want…

Who else would you say is a Face of Ibiza?

Mike & Claire Manumission are The Face of Ibiza… Flower Power, Ana Maria, Carlos Martorell, the people from the bars in Ibiza port, the Craziness- that’s a face of Ibiza; the drag queens, the high heels on cobble streets. And, of course, Goddess of the island, Tanit. She is the most definitive face of Ibiza. But we are the Face of Ibiza all in our own way and that’s exactly what makes the ever changing face of Ibiza so interesting…










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