Closing week at Sushiya Aoyama / Winter time / Sushi Workshops / Winter Menu


It’s Sushiya Aoyama’s closing summer week! 

From Monday 1st to Saturday 6th October we will be still offering our menú of sushi, sashimi, appetizers, salads and klar, our daily suggestions.

Those who book this week before 8pm receive an appetizer on the house. Please print the voucher or mention it to us!



We reopen Sushiya Aoyama for the Winter on the 25th of October, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until the end of the year in the evenings. Including, the nights before the holiday: Wednesday 31st of October and 5th of December.


Home made yakitori, steamed clams in sake sauce or tofu and chicken hamburguers. Tofu also for the spicy soup and always the delicious daily miso. Sushi and sashimi from the  freshest seasonal fish and new maki sushi incorporations.


From November, there will be new Sushi workshops available. A succesful one was held on May 5th. Diario de Ibiza said:

Hit us if you are interested! 


Thanks very much to our clients, suppliers, press, family and friends to make it posible. Special thanks to Harumi! Arigatoo. 

We are happy to read that Cat Milton from Ibiza Spotlight named it one of the 5 Top Restaurants on the island.

It’s great! 

More info and reservations:


M. 627 861 566


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