VAMP set to be a MONSTER this Halloween…



Wednesday, 31st October from 10pm

Ibiza Rocks House /Pikes Hotel

DJs confirmed:  Stray Kitten, Chronic Cowboys, Bombotron and not to mention, Two Monster DJs.

Tickets for the event are on sale at 10€ and are already being snapped up for the Halloween Hooley at Ibiza Rocks House


FIX IBIZA//28th October 2012//IBIZA

With the cold-blooded countdown to Halloween well and truly on, it seems word about VAMP has trickled across the island like the very blood off Bill Compton’s fangs. Get ready for a scary soiree on the Halloween Hill of Horror; aka Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel, the likes of which will have every party monster round these parts howling into their hairy hands should they not get a ticket for the eerie event.

This is hocus-pocus at its blood-curdling best- a good old-fashioned Halloween bash is the name of the game here, and it’s without a shadow of a doubt that that is exactly what organisers Jill Canney (FIX IBIZA) and Leanne Chilton (Events Manager, Ibiza Rocks House) are planning for your petrifying pleasure this Wednesday, 31st October from 10pm until the sun comes up and the vampires head back to their gloomy tombs.

And as Ibiza’s nocturnal creatures prepare their best otherworldly outfits for fright night, Canney and Chilton are said to be up to their eyeballs in spider web and pumpkins whilst cackling into their cauldrons at the thought of what petrifying tales of terror Wednesday’s Halloween party will bring forth.

From apple bobbing in the blood bath to a suck on the Gnarly Witch’s Tit, from a dip in the Trick and Treat Box to a visit to the Zombie Zone, there are plenty of spine-tingling surprises in store for even the most hardened Halloween HellRaiser.

At this stage of the scary game, confirming attendance is advised. Tickets can also be reserved and purchased in advance (contact details below)



10pm: Doors to the Haunted House creak open and the first spooks step out of the shadows…

10pm-Midnight: Pumpkin Soup and Scary Movies – We’re thinking a bit of Rocky Horror Picture Show to get us in the mood for our Monster Mash Up…

Meanwhile, in Freddie Kruger’s Bar, the music starts sounding for those who already feel the need to throw ghastly shapes round the room…

*As Midnight strikes, get ready for the unveiling of The Gnarly Witch and all that she brings for our putrid pleasure. One quick slurp of slurp of her magic potion and party on…

12am- Sunrise: You’ll be dancing like you’re possessed by the Devil himself in Freddie (Kruger)’s Bar til first light (and possibly beyond) with the help of:





…and not to mention, a Very Special Appearance from those devils in disguise:




A limited number of tickets are available for the event and haste is advised!

10€ entry includes a steamin’ bowl of pumpkin soup to get you started, a delve in the trick or treat glory hole, a sup of magic witch’s brew, plus games, surprises, and a Halloween experience you’ve never had before round these parts.. Ibiza Magic Awaits…

Limited Capacity! Please confirm assistance either on the facebook event page:

Jill : 645 909 098

Leanne: 678 212 535

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Inline image 1


No ha podido llegar en mejor momento el vídeo que Francesca de Tendencias TV grabó en Sushiya Aoyama, el sushi bar de la escondida Plaza sa Drassaneta que su dueño y chef Hideki Aoyama califica de “pequeño, bonito, sencillo donde se come bien” para abrir el apetito de esta nueva temporada que iniciamos, la de otoño-invierno, desde el jueves 25 de octubre.

 Durante los próximos meses, Sushiya Aoyama abrirá los jueves, viernes y sábados más vísperas de festivo desde las 20.00h con una carta basada en sushi y sashimi y con adiciones semanales calientes, acompañando al clima otoñal como yakitori casero, gomae espinaca o sopas, entre otras recetas, siempre niponas.


Esta semana, Hideki Aoyama propone un plato de hamburguesitas de tofu y pollo y sushi de foie en sus versiones dunkan y maki. Además, le dará una vuelta a su sección de aperitivos, revisará sus ensaladas y jugará con los pescados y verduras de temporada para ofrecer la máxima calidad y una elaborada diversidad a la carta de Sushiya Aoyama.

Inline image 1


La mejor manera de enterarse de los platos semanales de Sushiya Aoyama es dándole al ‘me gusta’ de la página de Facebook del sushi bar: sushiya.aoyama donde pronto también anunciaremos la fecha de la segunda edición del taller de sushi.

 Nos vemos, 秋期再オープン!

Sushiya Aoyama
Plaza sa Drassaneta, 13


M. 627861566



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VAMPIN’ IT UP! Halloween at Ibiza Rocks House






Halloween is nearly here- and in our book, that simply screams party! So, it seems only fitting that we transform Ibiza Rocks House into a Haunted House on the Hill and fill it with our favourite boys and ghouls for a night of bloody good fun…Get your gore on for VAMP!

Here’s the cunning plan:

We’ll kick off the vamptastic plan at 10pm by inviting you to a scrummy bowl of homemade pumpkin soup to line our little zombie bellies, whilst on the big screen, expect Rocky Horror, Teen Wolf, Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street and other stuff to make you shiver…

After that preliminary spooking, it’s a sup from the gnarly witch’s tit for all who dare…our special magic potion, carefully concocted by senior members of the coven, sure to get the blood flowing in all the right places. Just right for fright night frolics…

Next up, take a wander through the zombie zone, delve into the trick or treat glory hole, attempt to bob an apple from the bloodbath; just some of the spooky surprises we’re planning amongst the Halloween games.

Of course, it goes without saying that we want you to shake your old bones in Freddie (Kruger)’s Bar and so, providing the scary soundtrack, DJs Colin Peters and Stray Kitten will be joined by some magical mystery guests…

As far as dress code, it’s a no-brainer. It’s Halloween. Think vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, ghouls, ghosts, zombies, monsters, mynaeds, shape shifters, spooks, blood, gore, guts, spiders, spells and supernaturals- you get the idea- all the stuff that Halloween is made of! But there are no limits- as long as you’ve made an effort, that’s the spirit and special spooky souvenirs will be presented to the best of the lot..

Getting In:

10€ in advance/on the door includes your pumpkin soup, your trick or treat, a goblet of witches brew and a Halloween you won’t forget in a hurry.

Places are limited so do confirm if possible…

WHAT: ‘VAMP’- a night of Halloween Hoots and Ghastly Goings on..



On Facebook:

See you there, Monsters!

The Vamps…                                                                                 

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Settling In- An interview with Tom Crane

*first published in Blue Marlin Magazine, July 2012

London boy and island Resident DJ Tom Crane on his new Ibiza life and love of Blue Marlin.

 16 years in the game, a couple of awards in UK, why Ibiza now?

– Yep, I’d been playing in London full time from the age of 18 and didn’t fancy the thought of playing in the West End in another 20 years, so Ibiza called. It’s the Mecca of House I guess, so the obvious place to really get stuck in, you know. I’ve gone about as far as I think I could in London, and was lucky enough to win Best DJ in 2008 and 2011 so thought was time for a change.

Going back to the start, how did Ibiza first rope you in to its mischief and magic?

– I was coming on week long holidays over the summer about 5 weeks a year so thought I’d give it a go for a season, I was getting fed up with London in general to be honest, the weathers always sh*t and it costs a fortune so Ibiza it was for me.

You’re fairly new round these parts, how’re you finding it?

– Love it, the lifestyle is perfect for me; DJing in the sunshine is really important to me,  sunshine in general. I love daytime parties. and the food here is right what I’m into, late dinners with friends and so on, LOVE it!

What do you think you can bring to the island’s music scene that others don’t already?

– I play whatever’s needed in certain situations depending on where I am but tend to keep quite soulful with a lot of vocals and instruments in my house music, still deep and techy but more musical, I hope

What have been your favourite bits so far? How was winter?

– Winter was cool actually, very chilled so I was flying back to London for gigs most weeks but the rest of the time here was cool, lots of studio time and movies, sometimes a bit boring but after last summer a much earned rest was needed.

Is this you on island for the season now or are you in and out?

–       Pretty much here. I will pop back to UK for a couple of one-offs and festivals, More details on the website :

What do you think of the island as a festival destination, think Ibiza Rocks, Rock n Mola..

– Well, Ibiza can be for everyone so I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it can only be a positive thing to have some huge names here as long as it doesn’t go too commercial…

You’re quite a dapper dresser. Does Ibiza cater for your fashion needs?

–       Ha. No, sad to say I wait t’il I’m in London to buy clothes.

Where did this ‘Two Shoes’ nickname of yours come from and what’s your perfect shoe of choice for Ibiza…?

My nickname came from a mate in London years ago because of my taste in shoes and amount of shoes I have; I spend a lot on shoes but then always tend to  wear my trusty Vans; can’t knock a pair of Vans. The ideal Ibiza shoe for me is a Van or a flip-flop, you don’t need shoes out here it’s a beach life…

Life at Blue Marlin- how is it being a bit of a musical beach bum of sorts?

– This is why I’m here, Blue marlin has a great soundsystem so playing in the sun, listening to tunes is right up my street. Notting Hill Carnival was always one of my favorite parties, dancing in the sun and Ibiza has that same vibe everyday.

Surely the view you’ve got from the Blue Marlin DJ cabin has to be the best ever. Are there any other particular beauty spots you’ve played at in Ibiza?

–  I’ve done some amazing villa parties here, some of the villas are ridiculous here so the afterparties tend to be the same.

What’s your recommendation from this year’s Blue Marlin menu?

-All the fish dishes are amazing and I cant stop eating the olives here, I’m easily pleased…

Stepping away from the decks, what else are you listening to?

-I’m a soul boy so anything that would work at a BBQ works for me in my spare time, lots of Motown, soul, funk and reggae gets played in our apartment.

Have you made any special Ibiza musical discovery since you’ve been here?

-The Ibiza style of house can be quite different to what’s played in London so I’m enjoying listening to new stuff everyday definitely.

Gotta ask. Word on the grapevine is that you’re officially single. Are the island goddesses throwing themselves at you yet?

-Haha.. No comment!

Fill in the blanks:

Blue Marlin is…pretty much got it down perfect for my taste, the beach, the music, the food

Ibiza is…home

Tom Crane is…learning Spanish finally…

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Just when you thought it was safe to put away your disco boots for another season, DJ ANTZ has a plan in store this weekend that, quite simply, can only be described as One Big Fat Birthday Blowout.

As one of the island’s most respected DJs, AntZ has done nothing if not surpassed himself this summer in Ibiza, not only with his weekly residencies at Ibiza Rocks House and Aura but also the vast number of private bookings and international gigs.

This weekend though, and there’s an extra cause for merriment as the main man celebrates one more year of his amazing life. One weekend, three chances to let it all hang out on the dancefloor to the tunes lovingly provided by the birthday boy.

Here’s the plan. First stop, Aura. Friday Night. After last weekend’s awesome End of Summer shenanigans at AURA, the doors are back open for Autumn meaning that our AntZ is back in action every Friday through October. Yay!

On to Sunday, and this is where it gets even more interesting…

First up, it’s a fond farewell for another season to Antz’s signature event at IBIZA ROCKS HOUSE at Pikes Hotel. ‘PLAY IT BY EAR’ has been as staple a part of the island’s diet as the roast dinner that’s served up at the hotel every Sunday this summer. Joining Antz this week behind the decks, PIBE Resident Jon Sa Trinxa and as a very special treat, straight in from San Agustin, proper Spancunian and DJ extraordinaire Andy Wilson(Ibiza Sonica)- a man who knows the meaning of the Balearic Beat better than most. This IS the place to be. And you have one more chance to be there…

A bit later on that day, as the sun sets on San Antonio, it’s straight off to AMANTE for the next part of the party plan, where ANTZ gets back to work alongside the likes of other great names including Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay. Mark our words, this is set to be a monumental end to another great season at Amante.

Only one more thing to say then, really and that’s ‘Happy Birthday, Antz!’

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The Changing FACE OF IBIZA- an interview with Baby Marcelo


*interview first published in Blue Marlin Magazine, July 2012

Many years ago, at some hazy point in my own Ibiza initiation working in the hotspot that was/is the Port of Ibiza, I came face to face- or rather face to knee- with one rather imposing looking character pounding down the street, looming above me on his stilts, cackling and screeching like a proper banshee, dressed in full extravagant regalia, face painted like that perfect poster image he so embodied-literally- as the image of La Troya Asesina, and leader of the procession for the infamous club night of the same name.  If I tell you the truth, he scared the life out of me that night and chicken that I am, I steered pretty clear from then on in.

He was Baby Marcelo.  Born in Bari, Italy, he is one of the most emblematic characters on the island of Ibiza since he first arrived with a bang some eighteen years ago. From his role in ‘La Vaca’ in the days of Ku to his creation of ‘Los Monstruos’, a performance group that symbolized Privilege for a long time, to becoming the image of’La Vaca Asesina’ in the wonder years to taking it a step further and running and starring in his own international party, now in its fourth year at Privilege- The Face of Ibiza.

Fast forward to the present, and the same guy is sitting in front of me now, in shorts and t-shirt, make up free, calm and healthy, glowing skin and smiling the most beautiful smile…this is the real Face behind the mask, and I’m no longer scared…

I’m looking at the real you! And you look great, so healthy?!

Thank you! I’m really looking after myself these days, doing a lot of sport, mediation, developing my creativity. I’ve just spent my first winter in Ibiza and it’s inspired me greatly and helped me to feel even closer to the island.  It’s been great for me in many ways to have my winter base here, at the same time as I’m travelling a lot, taking ‘The Face of Ibiza’ party around the world.

 Do you feel somewhat of an ambassador for the island, vis a vis the rest of the world?

Yes, I honestly do feel that. Ibiza is my stage, my other world… I feel such a part of the island.  Apart from the fact that I feel I bring the essence of Ibiza all over the world, I’ve also participated in many other promotional activities with international press and media. I always try to transmit that true essence of the island when I’m working, both on and off the island.

Describe that essence for us.

Ibiza is a great big stage of freedom, an alternative way, a grand theatre, a place where people can feel- for the most part- totally free. A mixture of people, different races, ways of thinking, skin colour, social class, language, sexuality. That mixture is what makes the party.

Being The Face of Ibiza

Calling our party by that name was in itself representative of the island. For many years, my face was the one that people remembered from Ibiza, being that it was a constant and unchanging image on the island for many years with La Troya Asesina.  The difference is now, I not only literally am the image of The Face of Ibiza, I’m also the event organiser, together with DJ Oliver.

Do you prefer it now, that the image of The Face is one that is not so constant?

Yes. It’s more enjoyable that way, and I always need to keep changing. This year at Privilege, we’ll use the same image as a base but with a different style, another face, one that perhaps is a bit more sado-masochistic but always with a sense of fun.  It will be called Sadomouse, and will also be a lot more ‘rock’.

The Face of Ibiza rocks?

Yes. Rock is in my soul, in my way of expression. I take inspiration from Jim Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Kiss… that sense of provocation that they portrayed on stage is what I try to portray on mine.

What else does The Face of Ibiza represent?

Many things, many different sides…these days, I’m a little bit sweeter… The Face is more baby, more doll… but the kind of doll that can also give you the creeps, make you a little bit afraid, again, a game between the childlike and the provocative.

Because every doll is said to have a dark side, maybe?

Exactly… Also, The Face of Ibiza is a little bit clownesco. The circus, the world of Fellini, the great English mime artist  Lyndsey Kemp, who was coincidentally David Bowie’s teacher – all of them great inspirations for me. Now, when I put on my mask, my real face behind it, my costume, my stilts, well, it’s then that I can do whatever I want…

Who else would you say is a Face of Ibiza?

Mike & Claire Manumission are The Face of Ibiza… Flower Power, Ana Maria, Carlos Martorell, the people from the bars in Ibiza port, the Craziness- that’s a face of Ibiza; the drag queens, the high heels on cobble streets. And, of course, Goddess of the island, Tanit. She is the most definitive face of Ibiza. But we are the Face of Ibiza all in our own way and that’s exactly what makes the ever changing face of Ibiza so interesting…










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Closing week at Sushiya Aoyama / Winter time / Sushi Workshops / Winter Menu


It’s Sushiya Aoyama’s closing summer week! 

From Monday 1st to Saturday 6th October we will be still offering our menú of sushi, sashimi, appetizers, salads and klar, our daily suggestions.

Those who book this week before 8pm receive an appetizer on the house. Please print the voucher or mention it to us!



We reopen Sushiya Aoyama for the Winter on the 25th of October, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until the end of the year in the evenings. Including, the nights before the holiday: Wednesday 31st of October and 5th of December.


Home made yakitori, steamed clams in sake sauce or tofu and chicken hamburguers. Tofu also for the spicy soup and always the delicious daily miso. Sushi and sashimi from the  freshest seasonal fish and new maki sushi incorporations.


From November, there will be new Sushi workshops available. A succesful one was held on May 5th. Diario de Ibiza said:

Hit us if you are interested! 


Thanks very much to our clients, suppliers, press, family and friends to make it posible. Special thanks to Harumi! Arigatoo. 

We are happy to read that Cat Milton from Ibiza Spotlight named it one of the 5 Top Restaurants on the island.

It’s great! 

More info and reservations:


M. 627 861 566


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Psychedelia with milk. An interview with Kasabian

*Entrevista publicada en el número de junio de Amnesia Magazine


Leicester era una ciudad tranquila para los medios de comunicación que apenas se interesaban por una escena musical, la de los años 90, de base hip hop y tendencia oscura, hasta que apareció Kasabian y comenzó la revolución musical. Cuatro discos después, la conquista está rematada. Amnesia Magazine entrevista a Kasabian.


Una entrevista caótica que roza la psicodelia. Muy a tono con la música de Kasabian y especialmente la de su cuatro y último álbum –Velociraptor! Hablamos con Serge Pizzorno, media naranja del proyecto musical con más tablas de la escena británica junto a Tom Meighan, en una conversación telefónica que se corta hasta en tres ocasiones en tan solo 10 minutos. Pero ahí está nuestro compositor y guitarrista, inalterable y paciente. Se le imagina bien reclinado en una silla de oficina, bebiendo una cerveza, sin prisas. Con la camiseta de algodón remangada seguramente y con el pelo desaliñado que recoge una bandana. No hace mucho que han llegado a casa de lo que ha sido una intensa gira americana de 20 conciertos. No es la primera vez que conquistan este mercado que visitaron en 2008 como teloneros de Oasis. “América es alucinante, una locura. No sabíamos muy bien que iba a pasar en esta gira y menos esperábamos que todas las entradas se agotaran, pero también estamos felices de haber vuelto a casa”. No por mucho tiempo. Kasabian comienza ahora a presentar su Velociraptor! por toda Europa, para concluir en septiembre en Moscú y entre medias, llegar a Ibiza y no de vacaciones precisamente. Podrá sorprender pero será la tercera vez que veamos a los chicos de Leicester en esta isla electrónica, en directo. “Tenemos muchas ganas de regresar a Ibiza”, comenta Serge. “Nuestra primera vez estábamos confusos, pero realmente fue una experiencia que disfrutamos un montón. Es una isla tan bonita. Como locos por volver”. ¿Algún recuerdo especial?- le preguntamos. “Manumission”, afirma sin vacilar. “Esa mezcla de espectáculos sensuales y una música increíble. Ese es nuestro mejor recuerdo, nuestro destacado”. La vuelta de Kasabian en Ibiza Rocks es el 11 de julio, coincidiendo con el séptimo cumpleaños del festival de música en directo al aire libre de la isla. Será sin embargo la primera vez que pisen el escenario del Ibiza Rocks Hotel porque ellos fueron de los primeras confirmaciones del festival, cuando éste se celebraba en el Bar M, donde no cabían más de 600 personas. La imagen del vocalista Tom con su camiseta de manga larga a rayas blancas y negras, doblándose, en puntillas, entonando rock and roll con micrófono en la mano, se paseó por los medios locales, nacionales e internacionales en un concierto brillante. Entonces, acababan de empezar, pero ya se presumía el alcance. Hoy ya presentan su cuarto álbum con un directo “fantástico”, crecido e intenso en el que “Velociraptor! complementa el resto de los temas de los anteriores discos” -Kasabian (2004), Empire (2006) y West Ryder Paper Lunatic Asylum (2009) -. Un directo “con mucho sentido, hipnótico, un poco trance y con toques de chamanismo”.  Y eso que en su rider, lo más raro que encontraremos es “leche”. ¿Leche? ¿Antes o después del concierto? “Leche todo el día”.

Kasabian, que toma el nombre de la joven embarazada que conducía aquel coche en el que huyó Charles Manson, en 1969, tras asesinar a la actriz Sharon Tate en la casa californiana de Roman Polanski en California y que curiosamente -o no- significa carnicero en armenio, tiene ocho años de rodaje, desde que irrumpieran con ese sonido prestado de Primal Scream pero personalidad propia. Las comparaciones son inevitables. “Eso nos ocurría al principio, pero no todos están de acuerdo. Tampoco me interesa mucho”, explica el guitarrista. “Pon el disco y dime a qué sonamos”, nos reta. Si escribes en Spotify Kasabian, el programa te recomienda a artistas como Artic Monkeys, The Verve, Kaiser Chiefs, Stereophonics, Oasis, Snow Patrol o Led Zeppelin. Serge, socarrón, dice estar de acuerdo sólo con uno. Se refiere a Led Zeppelin.

Velociraptor! es la solidez en la carrera de Kasabian. Tres álbumes detrás concebidos cada uno de ellos como un  todo. Tres proyectos musicales coherentes para romper esquemas en este su cuarto trabajo. Un disco que el guitarrista principal de la banda ha definido como un “jukebox” en el que se mezclan sabores y estilos envueltos en una onda retro. Un nuevo y excelente capítulo gracias a canciones como Days are Forgotten o Goodbye Kiss, un tema éste último muy para las niñas, para las fans. Porque ¿Cómo se vive teniendo fans? “Yeah, ¡muy bien!”.

Kasabian actuó el pasado 11 de julio en Ibiza Rocks.

By Elena Aoyama




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