Change is Good!

…Even if sometimes it’s hard. Any of us in the slightest bit familiar with Ibiza will be well aware of that old monotema, ‘Ibiza’s changed’. Of course it has- sure, haven’t we all…..for better, for worse, this old marriage of ours with the island, with all our hopes and dreams. Through the eyes of Fix Truly, there’s change everywhere in this Ibicenco air and it would seem that Tanit herself is a-whisperin’ on the wind (of change?) that’s blowing right now, ‘Stick at it, cari, no te rindes aun’. She’s got me by the proverbials that old Goddess of the Island. No sooner does one declare that she’s offski that it seems there’s far too much to be doing right here, right now to be sneaking off to Santa Ponsa for a winter break Fair dos then, says I. If that’s the way you want it…

First change then, a new house. A decent one this time please, ye angels of house-hunting. And so the search commenced. Let me tell you, not easy for a single lady to find something decent- I’ve seen a catalogue from the worst to the ‘it’s alright but it’s too small’ on my merry route to the dream house, but hey, what do you know-I found it. My new place, my fresh start. Happy Days. Change Two. FIX takes it up a level. As of last week, we confirmed our renewed involvement with the Ibiza Music Cluster, an initiative that we have supported and been involved with since its beginnings and whose directive board have just elected us as suitable candidates to help run things on an on-the-ground organisational level. We are delighted to be back on board and look forward to helping the Cluster in the coming months. . More details on all as we get really stuck in to the project, but coming up in the near future, the first Ibiza Music Networking event as well as a presentation at the FOROTEC BALEARS in Mallorca next month.

Cambio 3. The weather. Mornings get more complicated back at FIX basecamp, with ‘what to wear’ wardrobe confusion increasing daily. Not made easier by the fact that this week, I’m pretend camping at my old house with 90% of my bits and bobs already packed in preparation for aforementioned house move. It’s definitely cardie-ardie time round here but that’s still really cool. At least its not wind, snow and ice…Ibiza (Weather) Rocks…

butttttt,,,that brings me neatly to Change number 4. Whether we like it or not, the change, nay, abolition of the Ryanair winter flights to the UK is a bit of a sore point round the community right now. Now, I ain’t gonna lie, I’m still brushing up on my facts on this story that the Consell don’t want to pay Ryanair to run their thrice weekly flight to London Stansted so I shan’t rant on it til I do so, but frankly, here’s my bottom line on it all.. I deserve the right to get out of here with some decent level of frequency and at a reasonable cost through the winter months, as and when I take my please (I exaggerate but you know what I mean). I’ve just worked blimmin’ hard for the greater good of the island all summer long and now, I want a relatively painfree journey back to see my lovely mum. Is that too much to ask? I’ll give a less personal reason on this whole thing as and when i have all the info, believe me…

Change 5, Attitude. Positive and Mental. Nuff Said.

And finally for now, Change number 6. FIX’s alter-egos B’Fly&Toga are helping those lovely Italianos at Es Tanco in Sant Rafael to change the tune on 5th November, as part of the closing celebrations of the village fiestas. We’ll be bringing Peace and Love and hopefully, the conga, to the Village Tent, next to Al Ayoun from 10pm on said day so get your retro dressing up gear out of its black binbag and get ready to party! Fixity Fix Fix, Over and Out!

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