As we approach the first days of Spring, it’s time for the 4th edition of the ever-expanding series of events ‘Els Dissabtes al Mercat Vell’. The events, and indeed the initiative itself, form part of the Ibiza Town Hall’s plan to breathe new life into the Old Town and port area of Ibiza, more commonly known as La Marina, during the low season months.

Combining live music from some of the island’s finest musicians as well as kids’ workshops from CLOWNIDOSCOPIO, there are a total of six events this year, the first one to take place on Saturday 5th March, the last on 14th May. Whilst the kids’ workshops start at 11am, the music begins an hour later, at midday.

As per tradition, the EIVISSA JAZZ BIG BAND will kick off the ‘Els Dissabtes’ concerts and over the following weeks the line-up will also include local talents PROJECTE MUT, IVAN DOMENECH, BLUESMAFIA I ES SALIGARDOS and not forgetting CANBLAU GOSPEL who’ll be back for their second performance in the old market place. Also this year, the organisers have added a touch of rockabilly to the proceedings, with Mallorca’s BLACK CATS confirmed for the closing concert on 14th May.

Clownidoscopio, it should also be noted, have put together a collection of workshops that should keep the younger members of the community fully entertained, using their ‘Reciclown’ programme; their activities as always based on making toys and games from recycled materials.

To follow, the full programming of ‘Els Dissabtes al Mercat Vell’:

5th March
‘Puppet Pals’ Workshop

19th march

‘Making Kites’ Workshop

2nd April

‘The Cardboard Dragon’ Workshop

16th April

Paint your self-portrait’ Workshop

30th April

‘Making Stilts’ Workshop

14th May

‘Mr Potato Head’ Workshop


11.00am Puppet Workshop: ‘Puppet Pals’. If you can’t find a use for your old clothes, toilet rolls and other unwanted stuff, bring it with you to the workshop and we’ll help you make a new puppet friend!


The Eivissa Jazz Big Band unites a number of the island’s  resident musicians under the one musical sky. Linked to the Patronat Municipal de Música d’Eivissa and directed by guitarist Alfredo Souza, the band use the Can Ventosa Auditorium as their base, and have performed there on many  occasions as well as in a number of venues across Ibiza and Formentera and even in Alcalá de Henares. They were also a fixture in the calendar of the Ibiza Jazz Festival in 2007 and 2010. The orchestra itself has also received master classes from the likes of Francisco Blanco “Latino”, the trombonist Toni Belenguer y trumpet player David Pastor.


11.00am: KIDS WORKSHOP: ‘Making Kites’. Let the spring breeze carry you over to the Mercado Viejo where Clownidoscopio will be on hand to help you make your very own kite, from recycled materials-obviously! Lets fill the sky with colour!


Projecte Mut is the brainchild of local singer/songwriter David Serra Statuas d Sal) and musician/producer músico y productor Joan Barbé (Ressonadors, Statuas d Sal). The project was born in 2005 as a way of bringing their native tongue onto the stage. Going down a folk/rock road, the band use traditional Ibicenco poetry as their lyrics, combining it with their own musical skills and keeping a somewhat acoustic sound to the performance. Amongst other key instruments used, Projecte Mut mix electric guitar with acoustic violin and of course, the full range of Pitiuso instruments including the castanets and the ‘payés’ drum-the ‘espasi’.


11.00am KIDS WORKSHOP: ‘The Cardboard Dragon’ Let your imagination take over as you get stuck into creating a monster of a dragon, with Clownidoscopio showing you how and of course, only using recycled materials. Bring along your bits and bobs- egg boxes, bottle lids, old wool and anything else you think your dragon might like to be made of!


At long last, Ibiza’s got a swing sound! From jumpin’ blues to boogie and jazz, BluesMafia i es Saligardos will soon have you up and dancing. This formation of nine island musicians have a reportoire of not only the classics but also their own material and they are ready to quite literally, swing into action!


11.00am KIDS WORKSHOP.. ‘Paint your self-portrait. Ever tried to capture your own likeness? Now’s the time! Lets see how you see yourself- first and foremost, as a grand artist! Clownidoscopio on hand to help you do just that, using their recycled materials.

12.00pm IVAN DOMENECH Live!

‘¿Te acuerdas del pop español?’ or in other words; ‘do you remember Spanish Pop?’. If you do, or even if you don’t, let Ivan Domenech show you how it’s done. Spanish pop in the 80’s was something of a revelation, now at the Mercat Vell, Ivan and crew- Joan Barbé (guitar, vocals); Jano Blanco (bass) y Fernando Hormigo (drums ) take us back down memory lane. Without the bad outfits..


11.00am Kids Workshop ‘Yes, We Can Make Stilts’. As usual Clownidoscopio have had another great idea. Bring along your tincans and lets get cracking on making you some stilts. See what it feels like to see the world from higher up! And also, a great exercise for improving your balance.

12.00pm CANBLAU GOSPEL Live!

Under the direction of Charlotte Look and piano master Joan Oscar Palerm Costa, and in less than two years, The CanBlau Gospel Choir has united some 45 individuals, each one looking for an alternative to the traditional choir; something incorporating fun, vocal performance and live music- they soon found it with Gospel or Black Spiritual Music.

Today, CanBlau Gospel are regular faces on the island music scene, performing at charity and local events, with a wide repertoire that will keep any audience entertained.


11.00am Kids Workshop ‘Mr Potato Head’ Going retro and recycled at the same time, here’s a chance to rescue that poor potato that’s been lying in the vegetable bin for weeks and give him a life of his own. A new , healthy friend for you!

12.00pm BLACK CATS* live! and Closing Event

Try not to dance when Black Cats start playing- an all but impossible task. With a sound ranging from Hillbilly-Bop to classic Rock and Roll and influences that include the legends of the day –Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Bill Haley, as well as Neo-rockabilly from the 80’s (Stray Cats, Restless), Mallorcan band Black Cats have performed in the United States and throughout the peninsula playing great songs to great crowds, Defined as ‘Rockabilly for all audiences’, some of Spain’s most revered music critics have devoted the following beautiful words to the Band:

Santiago Alcanda (Como Lo Oyes – Radio 3): “Very good, these human beings ‘,’ they have a bestial sound,” “a great discovery.”

Mark Sendarrubias in Satellites 3 (Radio 3): “They combine great songs with a very good sound,” a group to be taken seriously. ”

Charlie Faber (satellites 3 – Radio 3): “Their debut has all the making of projecting Black Cats to the premier league of music!”

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