Now that I’m fully recovered from the Wipe-Out(and God knows it wasn’t easy) , it’s high time I relayed my wunderbar experience at the recent Rockin Race Jamboree in sunny Torremolinos, before it fades from my memory forever.

For quite some time now, I’ve had a yearning to put on my petticoats and jive like a bunny at a rock n roll shindig. My chance to do all of the above (and much, much more) came about when I found about  the  17th Rockin Race Rockabilly Reunion, which took place from 3rd-6th February in Andalucia.

First of all, having never been to Andalucia or any other part of Southern Spain for that matter, except if you count Benidorm, the journey in itself was a pleasant treat , although I was disappointed not to see an abundance of senior citizens zooming round on mobility scooters. However, I did quite quickly learn to say ‘seis seis seis’ like the natives do, which roughly involves pretending you’ve got a very bad lisp.

But I wasn’t there for the scooters or the 666- I was here for a taste of  Rockabilly Heaven-four days at a rock n roll festival-old school or no school- and here was I, up to my seamed stockings in lo mismo! Eek!! Rockabillys, rockalillys, teddyboys, teddygirls, rockers, geeks, greasers, pin-ups,  oldies, not so oldies, rockababys, a great big sub culture family that I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by in all its many delightful ways.

With a line-up, I was reliably informed, de gen-u-ine known and respected bands and performers including Hayden Thompson and a star turn from Wanda Jackson, the veritable Queen of Rockabilly herself – well, bring that on, said I, simultaneously swinging my lasso the best I could- from country to pure rock n roll, a line up of international rockin rollin acts giving it the big one, a dream come true!!

And not only that- I can safely say I have never been in a place where everyone was just so goddamned gorgeous. The women, dressed to the nines in the evenings, dungas and headscarfs of a daytime, red lipstick perfectly applied at ALL times(note to self, buy me some lipcote) , the men, quiffs greased carefully into place, drapes draped, shiny socks and supersoles. What joy to these eyes!

Of course, the main events at the Festival, held in EL Palacio de Congresos, also played host to a sturdy number of stalls and curiosities- for the ladies, a chance to have your pin up photograph taken or to buy a vintage frock; for the men, how about a nice Dickies vest? Old 45s, vinyls from way back then, collectors’ items, vintage posters, merchadise, flowers for the hair, tiki decorations. A big mahoosive mumbo jumbo of cool stuff!

And then of course, there was the dancing. Ohhh, the Dancing….My main aim of the weekend, hook or by crook, was to learn how to jive. I mean, really jive. I wasn’t going home until my dance card was full and I was busting my moves with the best of them. Now back at home, and relatively injury free, I am proud to say I have mastered The Jive (yippee!) and am now working on The Stroll. Uhhhuh. I should thank my Rolla Dance Crew for their persistence and dedication to my cause.

In fairness, without my crew- namely Fernando, Eduardo and Angel- the weekend just would not have been the same. Thanks dudes, for showing me how it’s done!

Meeting Wanda Jackson- another highlight of the weekend, perhaps The Highlight. Here is a woman who really knows how it’s done, the wild child of the rockabilly scene, from way back in the days when she toured with Elvis Presley; a woman who is now knocking on 80’s door and is still up there giving it her all to adoring audiences, whilst simultaneously recently releasing a new album produced by Jack White(Stripes), no less! Go, Wanda, I wanna be you! A living legend. Another dream come true.

Another legend, this time in the form of Ms. Gaylita Selby, well known in these circles as a true Ibiza party girl cum super mama cum great friend. Up she rocked from her house behind the Andalucian mountains to get involved. A partner in crime for me, let the good times roll!  Joint Activities included holding a strip and tattoo competition, drinking tequila, doing the jive-off, throwing (literally) a toilet paper party and flirting outrageously with teddy boy(s). You can take the girls out of Ibiza but you can’t take Ibiza out of the Girls…

A truly fabulous end to the weekend. A truly fabulous weekend all round. I’ve seen the rockabilly light and I like it!

February 15, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Dr.Jive replied:

    It Looks like you did really have a ball, wild child!
    Glad for you to become one of Googa Mooga´s Family… Pass around the word,please, Ibiza need it so baddddd!!!

    • FIX Ibiza replied:

      You the Daddy O!
      I’m DELIGHTED if I’m part of Googa’s family (whoever he is!)..and you know I’ll do my best to get Ibiza rockin’ and rollin’ again!

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