I mean, is there just no end to the wealth of bloody great music that’s making my ears bleed(in a VERY good way)these nippy winter days?…It would appear not ,says this resident FIXER, who has been up to her eyeballs this week in a big heap of rock n roll scandalicious gorgeousness…

First up, it’s up and at ‘em as we announced the first Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks (henceforth referred to as ‘The Rocks’) plan for 2011. And when I say plan, I blatantly refer to PLAN B, that rather dashing young Soulsta who’ll be opening both venues on 31st May in Mallorca and 1st June in Ibiza. Rather conveniently in time for my birthday, thanks Andrew Mc Kay, leader of The Rocks Crew. What a guy…

With 17 gigs confirmed for both the San Antonio and the Magaluf hotels, this is going to be one belter of a season.

More rock and roll, and lots of other stuff in between times got dusted off and re-adored as I finally got off my fat be-hind(I blame Christmas)and  fulfilled my hazy,  long ago full moon drunken promise to everyone’s favourite host with the most, Josito Pepua, and assuming my role as one half of Girlz Skool, I put on my skool tie and my headphones and got lost in the music and the tardis that it AK Pepua Bar, in La Marina.

A special Big Up should go out at this point to the gorgeous Di Burns and her husband Louie, for their support on the night. It was a real pleasure to meet the two who were on the island for a few days to start the groundwork for their Battle of the Bands final in Ibiza this summer. Also, a high five to Adrian!

Next up, and I must mention last Saturday’s Rock n Roll night in the San Antonio Town Hall Tent. Talk about right up my strata, almost too far up my strata actually, and it was petticoats and pompadours al maximo as real live rockabillys including Carlos Segarra, Mad Rumblers and Tennessee kept me, my Pink Ladies and the locals jiving all night long. A special mention should be given to Rockin’ Pauly, who was also due to perform and who sadly passed away some months ago. Gone but certainly not forgotten…

Indeed, such a good night was had by yours truly, that I’ve decided to take myself off to Malaga this weekend for the RockinRace Festival- four days and nights of the crème de la crème of rockabilly lovely jubblyness. Eek- I really need to start packing my suitcase, this is going to be extreme 50s mania dressing up deliciousness! Bring it on!

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