London, Jan 2011

Sitting here in my rather poosh hotel in London, a stone’s throw away from Queenie Lizbeth, I’m mulling over my meeting this weekend between the Ibiza Music Cluster(IMC) and Pioneer.  A rather successful meeting, I should add, and one that came about as the next logical step in the rather exciting plans of IMC to take Ibiza’s music industry and all who sail in her to the next level.

But, I suppose I should begin by backtracking slightly.

Back in 1997, when I first arrived on the island to take part in Ibiza Uncovered, the first and definitely worst reality show ever made, I didn’t have a clue about the place or what awaited me. After the shame and bad reputation that that series of programmes generated worldwide, I made it my own personal goal to try and rectify that image as far as I possibly could- after all, I’d had a hand in creating it, albeit by proxy.

On the same but different tip, FIX then, as a PR & Events company, have always been supporters of the notion that those in power on the island paid little or no heed to the ginormous income consistently generated by the music and clubbing scene in Ibiza. Somewhat ironic, one would have thought, all things considered.

The launch of the Ibiza Music Cluster in itself came as something of a hooray moment for us. Steered by the Consell de Ibiza, and currently headed up by Paco Medina, Technical Secretary to the President of the island-Xicu Tarres, the IMC is gathering speed with every passing day.

Originally set up to gather together the music- led folks of the island- the clubs, the pubs, the DJs, the producers and all related individuals and businesses in between, it now counts with almost 100 members, all of whom see this as the way forward for the music industry in Ibiza.

Fast forward to May of 2010, lots of hard grind and several presentations later , and the Cluster was well on the road to establishing itself as a very viable organisation, gaining approval from the local, Balearic and even Spanish Government. The next step was planting the Cluster and its cause firmly in the minds of the international music industry- it was time for the official presentation at the Ibiza International Music Summit. FIX Ibiza were brought back to the table in full force, taking on the role of both the organisation, talent booking and the PR of the Cluster’s appearance at the IMS. Things went on to take a curious turn of events when, only minutes before the mics were turned on, yours truly took on the rather hefty last minute role, and was thrown on to the IMS stage to present and represent the Cluster in the presence of not only the president of the island and members of the Balearic Government as well as a huge cross section of her peers from the island and across the world. Guys, I can laugh at it now, but let me tell you that while I may have drafted the very script I was about to deliver, I certainly hadn’t signed up for assuming the role of presenter, Eurovision Song Contest, if you will.

Skip to the end, and I think it’s fair to say that we had taken one big step for the Cluster, one giant leap for Ibiza.

So now, that brings me to the main point in question in this particular blog piece. The growing relationship between Pioneer and Ibiza Music Cluster.

Some months ago, we were asked to set up a meeting between IMC, the President of Ibiza and several other key players in the Consell with Pioneer, the Japanese electronics company and leaders in DJ equipment.

Taking along our in-house Japanese translator for the ride, the meeting consisted in IMC and the Consell of Ibiza offering Pioneer a big part in the soon to be opened Ibiza Music Academy. The heads of Pioneer Japan, Europe and Iberica were all in attendance and happy days,  they loved the idea, so plans were made to continue negotiations for the 2011 opening of the Ibiza Music Pioneer Academy, a place where students from the island and aboard would come together to learn their skills- a long overdue hybrid of classical and electronic music training.

So, that’s enough digression- for the details are too many to mention. This weekend was the second meeting of minds between Pioneer and IMC and FIX were in the mix- ergo, why I am sat here in a lovely hotel in London. It is time to take things forward, do the nitty gritty, sign an agreement. And whilst I’m not exactly at liberty right here, right now, to spill all the beans, lets just say that this joint venture is looking very good- not only for the Cluster and Pioneer but for the island of Ibiza in itself. A new opportunity for international music students  to learn their skills from the masters- Ibiza-a melting pot of cultures and music, a  who’s who of the international music industry- electronic and otherwise- a place on the island for Pioneer to call their very own, and the start of something very big for Ibiza in general.

Those are the basics of what’s been going on from our end since the Cluster was set up. You can read much more about it by heading straight to the webpage

To Be Continued….

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  1. Fernando Monge replied:

    Hi, You mentioned about a 100 companies that conform the IMC. I’m supposed to be one of them but all desitions are being taken without our vote (the supposed 100 members). We are not even able to have a look at the statutes of the cluster. All of this thanks to the “brilliant management” of Mr. Paco Medina. Do you know the names of any of the other 99 other companies?. Just try to find out and you’ll discover a big chunk of smoke that’s what the IMC is, benefits for a few in the name of the music industry in Ibiza.

    I hope you honestly look into it before signing anything

    Fernando Monge
    Zona 6 Media Digital S. L.

    • FIX Ibiza replied:

      Hola Fernando, perdona que no te hayamos contestado antes. Ya sabes qué frenético es el verano! Antes de intentar darte explicaciones sobre tus críticas nos gustaría saber ¡qué tienes en contra del Sr. Medina y del Ibiza Music Cluster! Cada vez que hay un comentario negativo sobre el proyecto estás detrás. ¿Ha pasado algo? ¿Por qué estás juzgando siempre las formas de esta iniciativa? Personalmente, tanto mi socia como yo hemos creído desde el principio en esta idea y considerábamos que ya era hora de que la clase política albergara por fin una defensa de la única industria que deja tanto dinero en la isla y que es la música. FIX Ibiza ha colaborado con el cluster en algún trabajo puntual y tengo que decir, que las justificaciones de cada céntimo recibido han tenido que ser bien descritas, redactando informes monstruosos. El tiempo dará la razón a quién la tenga.
      Un saludo

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